1806 deed

To: Any solicitors in Munster or Dublin.

I will give €1,000 to anyone who can find a copy of the following 1806 deed.


The deed is dated 31 Mar 1806, made between Richard PONSONBY of Tarbert Island, Co.Kerry, and Letitia Ponsonby otherwise Blennerhassett his wife, of the one part, and Thomas BLENNERHASSETT of Tralee, Co.Kerry, of the other part.
It relates to a payment off the PONSONBY estate in Co.Kerry. The Ponsonby seat was in Kilflyn parish.

The above is the "memorial" (1 page summary) of the deed, registered with the Registry of Deeds on 23 Apr 1806. Book 581, p.233, no.391828.
I am searching for a full copy of the deed (not the 1 page memorial).


I will pay €1,000 for a copy of this deed.
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