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My ancestors - Blennerhassett - Contents

Leslie Lodge, near Tarbert, Co.Kerry

Leslie Lodge, near Tarbert, was a property of the Leslie family, where the son (or brother) of the head of the family would live.
It was also rented out at times.

Surviving semi-derelict building at Leslie Lodge (or Shanaway).
The maps below indicate that the main Leslie Lodge building is gone, and this surviving building is a lesser building / outbuilding.
Photo 2011. See larger and full size.
See other shot.

Leslie Lodge was to the S of Tarbert, on the E side of the small road running S from the Protestant church.
This road is called "The Steeple Road".
Leslie Lodge was the house in "East Shanavagh" (East Shanaway).
It was also called Shanaway House.

Leslie Lodge was built in the 1740s by Robert Leslie (born c.1712).
"Robert Leslie" (probably his son) is listed as of Leslie Lodge in 1787 and 1793 in [Vestry Minutes Book, Kilnaughtin].
The son Robert Leslie is listed as of Leslie Lodge at his children's baptisms 1795 to 1807.
"Robert Leslie" is listed as of Leslie Lodge in 1807 in [Vestry Minutes Book, Kilnaughtin].

Did Lindsay ever live at Leslie Lodge?
Lindsay family tree by Rev. Thomas Enraght Lindsay said that Leslie's agent Joseph Lindsay (died 1805) lived in Leslie Lodge at one point.
[Lindsay Grant of Arms, 1897] is a grant to: "Rev. Thomas Lindsay, Vicar of Castle Ellis, Co. Wexford, eldest son of Joseph Lindsay, late of Finnoe Park, Co. Limerick, son of Joseph Lindsay of Leslie Lodge, Co. Kerry".
It is hard to see how this could be true, though, if Robert Leslie was in continuous occupation 1787 to 1807.
Maybe Rev. Thomas Enraght Lindsay got this wrong.
[Houses of Kerry] does not mention Lindsay, but does note that the Leslie family rented out Leslie Lodge at times.
[Letter of 15 Feb 1801] from Sir Edward Leslie asks Lindsay to give his regards to his Leslie relations at Leslie Lodge.

Robert Leslie moved from Leslie Lodge into Tarbert House in 1807-10.
[Paddy Waldron] says moved c.1810, and John Parker rented Leslie Lodge.
Robert Leslie gone from Leslie Lodge by 1810,

John Parker lived at Leslie Lodge at least 1810 to 1815 [Paddy Waldron].
"John James" is listed as of Leslie Lodge in 1821 in [Vestry Minutes Book, Kilnaughtin].
Later the Parker family lived there again.

The main Leslie Lodge building seems to have vanished before the time of the 1887 to 1913 map (see below).

Leslie Lodge in [The Post-chaise Companion, 1786, p.179].

Robert Leslie listed as of Leslie Lodge at his son Pierce Leslie's baptism 1795.
See larger.

Robert Leslie listed as of Leslie Lodge at his dau Frances Leslie's baptism 1807.
See larger.

Item in Chutes Western Herald, October 6, 1828, shows that Leslie Lodge is the house in "East Shanavagh" (East Shanaway).

Leslie Lodge (or Shanaway).
From 1829 to 1842 map.

Larger view shows it is the only big house in Shanaway East townland.

Leslie Lodge (or Shanaway).
From 1887 to 1913 map.
Comparing with the older map, this suggests that the old Leslie Lodge building to the N side of these buildings is now gone, and the surviving building on the E side is a lesser building / outbuilding.

Leslie Lodge on modern map.
The gate lodge is gone.

Surviving building at Leslie Lodge and yard.
Photo 2011. See full size.
See also 2007 photo from [Paddy Waldron].

The back of the surviving building at Leslie Lodge.
Photo 2011. See full size.
See other shot.

The yard at Leslie Lodge.
Photo 2011. See full size.
See other shot.

The entrance

Entrance to Leslie Lodge.
Click to rotate.
From Google Street View.

Entrance to Leslie Lodge.
Photo 2011. See full size.
See other shot.
See screenshot of Google Street View.

Tieraclea, near Tarbert, Co.Kerry

Leslie Lodge is not to be confused with Tieraclea, a house of the Collis family, which is a bit closer to Tarbert on the same side road.
See map of Tieraclea from 1887 to 1913 period. From OSI.
See modern street view of entrance.

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