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Our common ancestors - Butler - Contents

James Butler, 1st Duke of Ormonde

James Butler, 1st Duke of Ormonde (see here and here),
born 1610, Protestant,
succ 1632 as 12th Earl of Ormonde,
Viceroy of Ireland 1643-47,
commander of Royalist and allied Irish forces against Parliamentarians in Irish Confederate Wars,
his errors led to crushing defeat of Royalists at Battle of Rathmines 1649,
went into exile in France with Charles II, returned with the Restoration 1660,
cr 1st Duke of Ormonde 1661, K.G., returned in triumph to Ireland 1662,
Viceroy of Ireland 1662-9, created the Phoenix Park, Dublin,
re-established Kilkenny College 1666 (or 1667),
after his exile in France, he gave Kilkenny Castle a wonderful, unfortified, French Chateau look,
sadly, later remodelling in the 19th cent removed this look,
Viceroy of Ireland 1677-85,
founded Royal Hospital, Kilmainham 1680, his arms are on the N front, looking over the gardens,
full-length portrait in [NGI] first room and in Royal Hospital,
died 1688, bur Westminster Abbey,
having had issue:

  1. Thomas Butler, Earl of Ossory, had issue:

    1. James Butler, 2nd Duke of Ormonde (see here), succ 1688,
      one of main Williamite supporters in 1690,
      Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland 1703-7 and 1711-3,
      despite having been a Williamite supporter in 1690, when Anne died in 1714 he supported the Stuart claim over the Hanoverians, and was attainted 1715,
      died 1745, bur Westminster Abbey
      [Dukedom attainted 1715, extinct anyway 1758].

    2. Charles Butler, Earl of Arran.
      Arran St, Dublin, is after him.

  2. Richard Butler, Earl of Arran.
    Arran Quay, Dublin, is after him.

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