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My wife's ancestors - Finglas - Contents

Finglas of Westpalstown, Co.Dublin

The Finglas family is rare among the medieval gentry of the Pale in having a name clearly of Irish origin.
The family take their name from the area of Finglas ("fionn ghlas", or "the clear stream"), N Co.Dublin.
[Archer, 1975] says: "it may be assumed that its founder first settled at Finglass, and being like many other of the Anglo-Norman adventurers without a surname, adopted as such, the name of the Fingallian village. They later built and occupied a strong castle at Walmestown (Westpalstown)."

Westpalstown ("West Pale's town") is in Westpalstown par, nr Oldtown, NW Co.Dublin (see map).

Westpalstown on 1829 to 1842 map.
Westpalstown House is now vanished entirely. The whole site is a featureless field.
The tiny bridge over the river leading to it survives.

[Ball, vol.2, 1903] says that Patrick Finglas and Richard Fitzwilliam (father of Sir Thomas Fitzwilliam, Kt.) were cousins:

Patrick Finglas,
of Westpalstown, Co.Dublin,
Chief Baron of the Irish Exchequer 1520-34,
Finglas are first mentioned in connection with Westpalstown in 1532 [Archer, 1975],
Lord Chief Justice of Ireland ("Chief Justice of the King's Bench") 1534-35,
Chief Baron of the Irish Exchequer 1535-37,
died 1537,
had issue:

  1. Genet Finglas,
    mar Sir Thomas Fitzwilliam, Kt [born c.1519] and had issue.

Remains of the old church and graveyard of Westpalstown.
From Google Maps.
Once an important Anglo-Norman outpost, nothing is now left of either the "town" or the Castle of Westpalstown.

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