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Our common ancestors - Fitzgerald - Contents


Sir Thomas Esmonde, 11th Baronet, in composite painting of Home Rule leaders (towards right, see key).
Painting, Irish Nationalist Party under Charles Stewart Parnell, now in the House of Commons in London.
Image courtesy of Cork Multitext Project, UCC (see here). Used with permission.

Sir Thomas Esmonde, 1st Baronet,
mar Ellice Fitzgerald [descendant of Edward I],
cr Baronet in Jan 1628-29,
had issue:

James Esmonde,
built Ballynastragh House, Co.Wexford, in 17th century,
had issue:

Laurence Esmonde,
had issue:

Sir James Esmonde, 7th Baronet,
had issue:

John Esmonde,
rebel in 1798 Rising, executed,
had issue:

James Esmonde,
had issue:

  1. Sir John Esmonde, 10th Baronet,
    mar Louisa Grattan [grand-dau of Rt Hon Henry Grattan, of Grattan's Parliament 1782-1801]
    and had issue:

    1. Sir Thomas Esmonde, 11th Baronet, born 1862,
      Home Rule MP for Dublin South, Kerry West and Wexford North 1885-1918,
      Chief Whip of Irish Party, anti-Parnellite after split, see election record, mar 1stly, 1891, to Alice Barbara Donovan,
      it was reported in 1907 that he was going over to Sinn Fein (along with his colleague James O'Mara), though he seems to have stayed with the Home Rulers; Sinn Fein was more an idea than a party at this point,
      he still stood for the Irish Party in the two 1910 general elections (last elections before 1918), so he remained a Home Rule MP, he was NOT a Sinn Fein MP,
      in fact, in 1918 in Wexford North he stood as a Nationalist against the Sinn Fein candidate, and lost,
      Free State Senator,
      Alice Barbara died 1922,
      the Esmonde seat, Ballynastragh House, Co.Wexford, was burned down by the Republicans in the Civil War in 1923,
      mar 2ndly, 1924, to Anna Frances Levins,
      he sent message of sympathy at death of Stephen O'Mara 1926,
      was at the Alderman's funeral 1931,
      died 1935,
      Anna Frances was my mother's godmother,
      she died 1941,
      11th Baronet had issue by 1st wife:

      1. Sir Osmond Esmonde, 12th Baronet, died unmarried.

      2. Eithne Esmonde, mar Sir Anthony Esmonde, 15th Baronet and had issue.

  2. James Esmonde, of Drominagh, Co.Tipperary, had issue:

    1. John Joseph Esmonde,
      of Drominagh,
      mar 1stly and had issue:

      1. Sir John Esmonde, 14th Baronet,
        born 1893, fought in WWI,
        mar 1922 to Lily Fitzharris [Eleanor Fitzharris],
        Fine Gael TD Co.Wexford 1937-44,
        his brother won the Victoria Cross in 1942,
        Fine Gael TD Co.Wexford 1948-51.

      2. Sir Anthony Esmonde, 15th Baronet,
        Tony, born 1899,
        mar Eithne Esmonde,
        Fine Gael TD Co.Wexford 1951-73,
        Fine Gael European MEP 1973-77,
        died 1981,
        had issue:

        1. Sir John Esmonde, 16th Baronet,
          Fine Gael TD Co.Wexford 1973-77,
          had issue:

          1. Sir Thomas Esmonde, 17th Baronet.
          2. Lisa Esmonde.

      mar 2ndly and had issue:

      1. Eugene Esmonde, born 1909,
        British torpedo bomber pilot in WW2,
        KIA 1942, posthumous V.C.,
        mentioned in the famous speech by Churchill after the war, as having defended Ireland's honour in WW2.

  3. Thomas Esmonde,
    awarded V.C. in the Crimean War.

The 17th century Esmonde seat, Ballynastragh House.
Burned by the Republicans in the Civil War in 1923.
Published 1826. From here.

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