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My ancestors - O'Mara - Contents

Margret O'Mara

Elena, Margret, Polly.
Photo must be after Margret's 1st husband died, must be c.late 1870s.
See larger and full size.
The back is from "Maggie" to "Uncle James".

Margret O'Mara,
"Margret" and "Maggie" in family records, and 1881 census,
"Margaret" in other official records,
born Dec 24, 1841 in Co.Tipperary, Catholic.
She mar 1stly, c.1860, in Ireland, to John Hennessy [or poss. Hennessey].
She is thought to have remained in Ireland while her parents went to North America in 1868.
Her husband must have died.
She went to North America with the two girls.

She mar 2ndly, 10 Nov 1880 [her age 38, him age 50], St.Peter's RC Church, London, Ontario, to John Crotty [born 24 Aug 1830, think Ireland].
He was Catholic. It was his 2nd mar too. He had a number of children by his 1st mar.
Think he was living Bothwell, Ontario, at mar, think NOT born there.
In [1881 census, Canada] they are living in Bothwell, Ontario, he is listed as "merchant".
They must have moved to Walkerville, Ontario, before 1896, since Polly was living there at her mar.
In [1901 census, Canada] they are living in Walkerville, Ontario.
John Crotty died 1901-11.
In [1911 census, Canada] Margret is widow, living with dau Polly at 729 Queens Ave, London, Ontario.
Margret had issue by her 1st husband John Hennessy:

  1. Elena Hennessy, born c.1863, must be in Ireland,
    shown in family photo with mother and sister, must be c.late 1870s,
    not found in 1881 census, perhaps died.

  2. Mary Hennessy,
    "Polly", "Pauline", Mary Catherine, think NOT Mary Katherine,
    born (prob. 24 July) 1863 in Ireland, Catholic,
    she is age 18 in 1881 census, which is probably accurate,
    however she is listed with different ages later:
    • listed as born 1868 at marriage 1896 (claimed to be 28 not 33)
    • listed as born 24 July 1871, Ireland, in 1901 census (claimed to 30 not 38)
    • listed as born July 1871, Ireland, in 1911 census (claimed to 40 not 48)
    think this is female exaggeration, and 1863 is the right date,
    living with mother and stepfather in Bothwell, Ontario, in 1881 census,
    she was living Walkerville, Ontario, at mar, spelt "Hennessy",
    mar 1 Oct 1896, in Detroit, Michigan, to William Short [William Henry, NOT Henry William, think NOT Shortt, born Feb 1867, England (NOT London, Ontario), son of J. Short and Ellen Mahoney],
    he was Church of England, he immigrated to Canada 1891,
    he was living London, Ontario, at mar,
    in [1901 census, Canada] they are living London, Ontario,
    in [1911 census, Canada] they are living 729 Queens Ave, London, Ontario (nr Dundas St, see map), her widowed mother is living with her,
    had issue:

    1. Lena Short, born Oct 1897, London, Ontario,
      must be named after dead aunt,
      did not marry,
      she worked for Thomas Albert Mara [of Co.Leitrim] who owned "Mara's Department Store", London, Ontario,
      she fl 1964.

This must be John Crotty, c.1880s.
John Crotty signs the back, addressed to his step-dau Polly.
Photo taken in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
See larger and full size.
From [P40/909]. Used with permission of [UL Archives].

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