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Our common ancestors - English Royal family - Contents

Charles Somerset, 1st Earl of Worcester

1st Earl of Worcester.
From NPG. See terms of use.
Drawing of the original at Badminton House.

Charles Somerset, 1st Earl of Worcester (see here and here), born c.1460,
illegitimate son of the Duke of Somerset,
mar 1stly, 1492, to Elizabeth Herbert, 3rd Baroness Herbert [descendant of Henry I],
cr Baron Herbert in 1504,
they established the Beaufort Chapel at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, in 1506,
Elizabeth died 1507,
he was cr Earl in 1514,
he died 1526, probably at his house in Kew,
see entry in [DNB],
both are bur in the Beaufort Chapel at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle,
had issue by 1st wife:

Henry Somerset, 2nd Earl of Worcester, born c.1496,
mar 2ndly, pre-1527, to Elizabeth Browne [descendant of Edward III],
he died 1549, age c.53 yrs,
bur St Mary's Church, Chepstow, Wales,
Elizabeth died 1565, bur at Chepstow with husband,
he had issue by 2nd wife:

  1. Sir Charles Somerset, born 1535,
    GERARD in [Burkes Extinct] incorrectly had him as son of "Edward, Earl of Worcester",
    which led me to put him incorrectly here as son of 4th Earl not 2nd Earl.

Tomb of 2nd Earl and his wife Elizabeth Browne, St Mary's Church, Chepstow.
Photo 2010. See full size. From here.
See more images.

Tomb of 2nd Earl and his wife, Chepstow.
Photo 2010. See full size. From here.
See also here.

"Sir Charles Somerset" by George Gower.
[Country Life, Vol 181, 1987] shows this is Sir Charles Somerset, a son of the 1st Earl by his 2nd wife.
Other identifications are wrong.
From here. Also here.


The cuckold in the Plantagenet / Somerset line


Research into the DNA of Richard III has revealed that the Y chromosomes of the descendants of the 5th Duke of Beaufort do not match the Y chromosome of Richard III (as they should).
Hence at some point in the line, one of the men was cuckolded and raised a son that was not his.
This could be at any point in the line. Maybe in the future more Y chromosome samples will narrow it down.
Graphic from Daily Mail. See tree by Ed Mann.

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