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The Blennerhassett Challenge - Starting points for Letitia Blennerhassett

Starting points for Letitia Blennerhassett

The main suspect for George Cashel's mother is Letitia Blennerhassett of Tarbert.

Here are the pages relating to Letitia Blennerhassett of Tarbert.

Letitia's family

  1. Rev. John Blennerhassett

  2. Letitia Blennerhassett

Letitia's siblings

  1. Capt. Thomas Blennerhassett
  2. John Blennerhassett, "the Evergreen"
  3. Cole
  4. Finn

  5. Fuller
  6. Daniel Guion
  7. Thomas Fuller Harnett

  8. Capt. Edward Fuller
  9. Helps
  10. Thomas Harnett Fuller
  11. James Franklin Fuller

Letitia's 1st husband, Richard Ponsonby

  1. Ponsonby
  2. Crotto (or Crotta), Co.Kerry

  3. William Carrique (later William Carrique Ponsonby)
  4. James Carrique Ponsonby
  5. O'Hara

  6. William Carrique Ponsonby
  7. Thomas Carrique Ponsonby
  8. Richard Francis Blennerhassett

  9. Sandes
  10. Thomas Sandes
  11. Stephen Sandes

  12. Richard Carrique Ponsonby
  13. Marriage settlement of 1799, Ponsonby and Blennerhassett
  14. Deed of 1806, Ponsonby to Blennerhassett

Letitia's children by Richard Ponsonby

  1. Louisa Ponsonby
  2. Miller

Letitia's 2nd husband, William Lindsay

  1. Lindsay
  2. Joseph Lindsay
  3. Enraght

  4. George Lindsay
  5. Thomas Lindsay
  6. Joseph Lindsay

  7. William Lindsay
  8. Church St, Tarbert, Co.Kerry
  9. Chapel St, Tarbert, Co.Kerry

  10. Leslie of Tarbert House
  11. Tarbert House, Tarbert, Co.Kerry
  12. Leslie Lodge, near Tarbert, Co.Kerry

Letitia's children by William Lindsay

  1. Joseph Lindsay
  2. Blennerhassett Lindsay

George Cashel

  1. Cashel of Co.Kerry
  2. George Cashel
  3. George Cashel disciplinary action, 1829

The problem

  1. Our tradition of descent from Blennerhassett

  2. Evidence that Letitia of Tarbert is the mother of George Cashel

  3. The Blennerhassett Challenge
  4. Things to do - The Blennerhassett Challenge
  5. Things to do - Letitia Blennerhassett of Tarbert

  6. Things to do - Cashel
  7. Things to do - George Cashel land records

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