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Things to do - Gibbon

Things to do - Gibbon


  1. [NLI]
    1. origin of the word Gibbon (the ape)

  2. "Genealogical data on families of Monkwearmouth, Durham, England", LDS FHL BRITISH Film 91101. Filmed in 1948.

  3. German / Austrian peerage


UK libraries

  1. [GRO.UK]

  2. [COA]
    • Gibbon arms granted to Arthur Augustus Gibbon in 19th cent. - deposit of pedigree?
    • Was the motto "Per Mare et Terras" invented for Arthur Augustus Gibbon in the 19th cent?
    • Could the College of Arms have granted the Armorial Bearings Licence even if there was no proof of connection to the original Gibbon family?
    • Kerr arms - quarterings reflect his ancestors?

  3. Royal Navy records

  4. 1851 Scot census - 4 Gibbon sisters at Nellfield

  5. [GRO.Scot]



  1. Abbots Langley library, High St, Abbots Langley
    1. Kings Lodge in books on Abbots Langley and Kings Langley

  2. Basingstoke - Dicey - Hampshire Record Office, Winchester
  3. Basingstoke - Dicey grave

  4. Northampton


  1. John Manners Kerr


  1. Aberdeen
    1. [ACL] - local history section

    2. [Aberdeen FHS] - go thru everything
      • ADIE genealogy noted on box in RR, but not found
      • connect disconnected LUMSDEN
      • go thru lists of members' surnames

  2. [NLS]
    1. Spalding Club - Jamesone to find out about Ædie
    2. might try LESLIE of Co.Aberdeen in Burke's Arms

Lost portraits

  1. KERR

  2. SKENE

  3. AEDIE




  1. de Roeder tomb

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