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My ancestors - Blennerhassett - Contents

Henry Blennerhassett, of Gortmasherry, Co.Kerry

Dorcas, widow of Henry Blennerhassett of Annaghgarry, listed in [Deed of Nov 1728].
It is more clearly written as Annaghgarry later in the deed.

Henry Blennerhassett,
born est c.1675,
of Gortmasherry, Co.Kerry.
Descendant of Edward III.
See Wikitree.
He mar pre-1701 to Dorcas Crumpe.

[TCD Alumni] says his son Arthur was born 1701 at "Killariam" (apparently Killarney), Co.Kerry.
Henry is meant to be of "Gortmasherry" but this place is unidentified. It seems to first appear in [Burkes Irish, 1976]. It is unclear what the source is.
Gortmasherry seems to have no existence apart from with Blennerhassett. There is a Courtmacsherry in Co.Cork.
In contemporary records, Henry is listed as of Annaghgarry, near Killorglin, Co.Kerry, in [Deed of Nov 1728] after his death.

Henry died before 1728.
He was bur in the chapel at Castle Conway, Killorglin, Co.Kerry.
[Deed of Feb 1728] shows Henry has died.
Dorcas is party to [Deed of Nov 1728]. She is a widow. Deed is about the family property at Annaghgarry.
Henry is included in the 1732 inscription on the now-vanished Blennerhassett tomb at Castle Conway.
Henry and Dorcas had issue:

  1. Dorcas Blennerhassett,
    mar John Godfrey and had issue.

  2. Avis Blennerhassett,
    also recorded as Avice or Avicia,
    "Avis" in Deed of 1724 and Deed of 1726 and husband's will 1745,
    mar pre-1717 to John Yeilding and had issue.

  3. Arthur Blennerhassett,
    born 1701.
    He was educ TCD. Entered 15 June 1719, age 18.
    See entry in [TCD Alumni]. Son of Henry Blennerhassett, gentleman.
    Arthur converted to Catholicism and settled in France.

  4. Robert Blennerhassett,
    of Mount Rivers, born est c.1705.

  5. Samuel Blennerhassett,
    of Tralee.

  6. Lucy Blennerhassett,
    mar John Heaphy and had issue.

  7. Richard Blennerhassett,
    of Ballymacprior, Killorglin par, Co.Kerry.

Henry Blennerhassett listed as deceased in [Deed of Feb 1728].

Entry for Henry Blennerhassett in "Black Jack's Book".
This is from p.46 of [Hickson, 1872].

Henry Blennerhassett branch starts on p.566 of [Foster's Royal Descents, vol.4, 1886].

Entry for Arthur Blennerhassett in [TCD Alumni].


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