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Later "Moynihan".

James Minihane,
Jim, of Ballyvarra, Killeenagarriff par, Co.Limerick (see old map),
spelt 'Minihane' in [Newport RC par records],
Fred Faulkner says 'Minahan',
but think descendants spelt it 'Moynihan',
mar 1894 to Catherine Ryan [bapt 28th Sept 1863],
all children born on farm at Clyduff, Killeenagarriff par, Co.Limerick (see old map),
he died 1916,
she died 1936, age 73 yrs,
had issue:

  1. Michael Moynihan, born c.1895,
    inherited Clyduff,
    mar ----, no issue,
    died 1966, age c.71 yrs.

  2. Thomas Moynihan,
    Tom, Tommy, born c.1897,
    worked in ESB,
    mar Bridget ---- and had issue:

    1. Carmel Moynihan, mar --- Tomlinson.
    2. Anne Moynihan, mar Joe Munnelly.
    3. Patrick Moynihan, mar --- Keogh.
    4. Bríde Moynihan.

  3. Bee Moynihan,
    Bridget, born Feb 1899.
    She ran a Jewellers on O'Connell St, Limerick.
    She didn't marry.
    Great interest in family history. I met her 1985.
    She lived flat 93, Ardoyne House, Pembroke Park, Donnybrook, Co.Dublin.
    Shortly before death, she went back down to Limerick.
    She died St.Paul's Home for Elderly, Dooradoyle, Limerick, 26 Dec 1989, age 90 yrs.

  4. Jack Moynihan, born c.1901,
    mar --- Mc Cormack [of Ballina, Co.Tipperary],
    he died 1956, age c.55 yrs,
    had issue:

    1. Nuala Moynihan, mar Tom Brennan and had issue:
      1. Joan Brennan, mar Pat Martin and had issue:
        1. Jack Martin.
        2. Annie Martin.
        3. Thomas Martin.
      2. Martha Brennan, mar Kevin White and had issue:
        1. Benjamin White.
        2. Rachel White.
        3. Ava White.
      3. Eimer Brennan, mar Michael Lucey.
      4. Catriona Brennan.
      5. Angela Brennan.

    2. Bríd Moynihan, mar Larry Kirby and had issue:
      1. John Kirby.
      2. Jennifer Kirby.
      3. Clare Kirby.
      4. Kate Kirby.
    3. Emer Moynihan, mar Brendan Hayes and had issue:
      1. John Hayes.
      2. Sarah Hayes.
      3. Edel Hayes.
      4. Barbara Hayes.
      5. Daniel Hayes.
    4. Sheila Moynihan, mar Adrian Murphy.
    5. John Moynihan.

  5. Kitty Moynihan, born 1903,
    mar --- Burke,
    he was meant to be of Annagh, Newport, Co.Tipperary, but this is unidentified,
    she died think 1986, age 83 yrs,
    had issue:

    1. Breda Burke, mar Denis Ryan and had issue:
      1. Anne Ryan.
      2. John Ryan.
      3. Breda Ryan.
    2. John Burke.
    3. Tommy Burke, mar and had issue:
      1. James Burke.
      2. Gerard Burke.
      3. Maura Burke.
      4. Kate Burke.
    4. James Burke.

Ad for Bee Moynihan's shop.
From unknown paper. See full size.

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