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My ancestors - Blennerhassett - Contents


Seat of Blennerhassett (in different buildings) from about 1586 to 1967.

Baile Ui Sioda, pronounced "Ballysheedy" (same place as "Ballyshiddy"), Ballyseedy par, just SE of Tralee, Co.Kerry.

Ballyseedy townland and Ballycarty townland on 1829 to 1842 map.
Old Ballyseedy is at the W end of Ballyseedy Wood.
New Ballyseedy is at the E end of Ballyseedy Wood (entrance off the E side road).
Ballycarty is E of the E side road.

Ballyseedy and Ballycarty on 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern satellite view.


Ballyseedy Wood is SE of Tralee, Co.Kerry, S off the main Tralee-Killarney road, on the small River Lee.
There is a side turning off this main road at the E end of the wood, which I shall call the E side road.

Ballyseedy townland, Ballyseedy par, is the area W of the E side road. It covers from the W end of the wood to the E end of the wood (at the E side road).
Ballyseedy Bridge over the river is at the E edge of Ballyseedy townland, on the E side road.
In Ballyseedy townland:

Old Ballyseedy (two ruined buildings) is at the W end of the wood, in the NW end of Ballyseedy townland.

New Ballyseedy (formerly called Elm Grove or Elmgrove) is at the E end of the wood, in the NE end of Ballyseedy townland, off the E side road.
On the E side road is the 19th century Protestant Ballyseedy church, with the old ruined Ballyseedy church.

Ballycarty townland (or sometimes Ballycarthy), Ballyseedy par, is the area E of the E side road.
Ballycarty Bridge over the river (or Ballycarty Cross) is at the NE corner of Ballycarty townland, on the main road.
In Ballycarty townland:

Ballycarty Castle was in the NE end of Ballycarty townland.

Old Ballyseedy

New Ballyseedy

New Ballyseedy (the S end)

New Ballyseedy (the N wing)

New Ballyseedy (interior)



Map of Ballyseedy area, 1777.
Up is West.
From p.107 of [Taylor and Skinner, 1777].
Light adjusted. See full size and original and other scan. From Bill Jehan.
Shows "Ballyseedy" (location of old Ballyseedy), "Elm Grove" (location of new Ballyseedy) and Ballycarty.

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