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The Blennerhassett problem - Things to do


Things to do - Blennerhassett problem

Now that DNA says our line is the Blennerhassett Baronets, we need to re-examine everything about the Baronets branch.


DONE first pass of:

To do:

Denny, 1923

Blennerhassett in [Denny, 1923]


  1. Garvey research.
    Notes from lost Blennerhassett wills. See list.

  2. Business Records Survey no.117

  3. Blennerhassett in [Crossle Genealogical Abstracts]. Does not look relevant.




  1. Search - 1834 on - Blennerville, Churchtown, Blennerhassett
  2. Search - Yielding
  3. Search - Butler - too many hits


Petty Sessions

  • Is George Cashel ever mentioned in petty sessions before 1828? Search:
    • Tralee petty sessions
    • Castlegregory petty sessions, near Tralee.
    • O'Dorney petty sessions, near Tralee.
    • Miltown petty sessions
    • Killorglin petty sessions
    • Killarney petty sessions
    • Coolmagort petty sessions, near Killarney.
    • Sixmilebridge petty sessions, near Killarney.

  • DONE - Searched Ancestry online.
  • Findmypast online - No records for Co.Kerry before 1851. More to come online though.
  • Try originals in NAI.

List of JPs



The Baronets family had lots of wills, but, like most Irish wills, almost all were burnt in 1922.
We can continue to hunt for copies and abstracts.

Core wills to find are as follows.

Guide to the highlighting:

  • Blue star: Will existed. Burnt in 1922. Full copy survives.
  • Gold star: Will existed. Burnt in 1922. Notes or summary survives.
  • Silver star: Will existed. Burnt in 1922. Nothing survives.
  • No star: Not known if will ever existed.


To do

  • Prerogative Will book for 1834 survives (A-E).
    Is this same thing as "Irish will register"?
    Could have Letitia Hurly but probably not.

  • See these wills:



  1. O'Connell Family Tracts
  2. Hurly in [Denny, 1923]
  3. Eagar, 1861

  4. Trinity College Estate, 1800-1923, Robert MacCarthy, 1992.

  5. The College: A History of Queen's University College Cork by John A. Murphy, 1995.



  1. Go through BLENNERHASSETT in McAnlis.

  2. DONE first pass of the following:


List of JP's

  1. A List of the Justices of the Peace in Ireland, Dublin, 1844.
  2. Find 1828 list. No list in NLI catalogue.



  1. Robert Blennerhassett's 1798 marriage settlement in D.27079 refers to Elizabeth Blennerhassett as "now the wife of Denis Murphy".
    Get image.

  2. Rowan papers

  3. O'Connell papers
    • Richard Francis Blennerhassett duel with Daniel O'Connell's brother, John O'Connell, Jan 1813.
      See: Letters of Daniel O'Connell to his wife, 1800-16.


NLI offsite

Off-site material must be ordered at least 5 working days in advance.
  1. Arthur Blennerhassett of Blennerville is mentioned in connection with schools in Blennerville 1824 [Heritage Council, 2001].

  2. Find BLENNERHASSETT in early [Debrett's Baronetage].


Strange NA.UK entry about NLI



Day diary, RIA

  • Diary of Justice Robert Day
  • [O'Carroll, 2004] printed and indexed:
    • Most of it (not all of it) for 1801-1829.
    • None of it for 1794 or 1830-1840.

  • To do:
    • Read entire thing. Time consuming.

  • Search for events:
    • Have done a quick search for specific events: Blennerhassett deaths in 1828 and 1831 and 1839. Nothing found.
    • Search for more events?



Other Dublin

  1. [DCA]
    • Find source for the Richard Yeilding entry in [Dublin directory, 1738].
    • This is a special modern compilation from various sources.
    • Think the Richard Yeilding entry is NOT from Watson's Almanack. It has no general list of people at this stage.
    • The Richard Yeilding entry might be from the collection of bail bonds of Apr-Sept 1738. Now in DCA.

  2. GROI

Letters of any Co.Kerry gentry family around 1806

  • It could be random if any Kerry people would mention our story in a letter around 1806.
  • If a son of Rowland Blennerhassett had an affair with a servant, probably no one outside the family would mention it.
  • If a daughter of Rowland Blennerhassett had an affair, it would be a big scandal, and almost any Co.Kerry family might mention it in gossip.

  • Talbot Crosbie Papers.

  • McGillycuddy papers.
    • Blennerhassett on pages xxxi, xxxii, 83, 111, 200.
    • Where are originals?

  • Papers of Browne, Viscount Kenmare.

  • Papers of Herbert of Muckross.

Knight of Kerry papers

  • In the 19th century a collection was made of Knight of Kerry papers.
  • Mainly letters of 17th Knight of Kerry and 18th Knight of Kerry. 1750 to 1850 period.
  • The 17th Knight was born 1717, succ 1779, died 1781. See him at wikitree and genealogics and thepeerage.
  • The 18th Knight was born 1774, succ 1781, died 1849. After his father's death, he was the ward of Judge Robert Day of Tralee.
  • There are 18 volumes. Vols 1 to 17 are in family possession.
  • Vol.18 is letters dated 1796 to 1884 "abstracted from the general series because of the celebrity of the correspondents".

  • [PRO.NI]
    • Home page
    • Catalogue
    • Vols 1 to 17 on microfilm. MIC/639 (MIC639/1 to MIC639/9).
    • Vol.18. Photocopy in T/3075.
    • The PRO.NI website has an index, and summaries of the letters, and sometimes complete transcripts.
    • Due to site design, it is impossible to link to the PRO.NI summaries and transcripts.
    • To see them, go to Search and then:
      • PRONI Ref: MIC639* - More
      • PRONI Ref: T3075 - More

  • DONE - Mostly done the Knight of Kerry papers, using PRO.NI website.
    • DONE - In the PRO.NI summaries, I have done first pass of searches for: Blen, Hasset, Rowl, Cashel
    • To do: Vol.18. T3075/18/1 to T3075/18/145. Need to order as a single item, not 145 orders.

  • [NLI]
    • Vols 1 to 17 on microfilm. POS 9074-9082
    • POS 9082 has Vol 17 plus index of correspondents.
    • NLI is meant to have Vol 18 original but can't find ref.
    • To do: Find Vol.18

  • Denny papers

    Dates PRO.NI online text NLI microfilm images
    1783-1799 MIC/639/3 POS 9076
    1799-1803 MIC/639/4 POS 9077
    1803-1816 MIC/639/5 POS 9078
    1816-1828 MIC/639/6 POS 9079
    1828-1834 MIC/639/7 POS 9080
    1835-1847 MIC/639/8 POS 9081
DONE - Searched other Knight of Kerry letters:
  • Ms 29,065. Correspondence between Maurice "Hunting Cap" O'Connell and Maurice Fitzgerald, Knight of Kerry. 1803.

Dublin Castle letters about Baronetcy, 1804 to 1809

It seems a Baronetcy for Rowland Blennerhassett would have been discussed in Dublin Castle from 1804 to 1809.
Letters may refer to arguments for and against.
Dublin Castle papers of this time could be in various places. (NLI, BL, etc.)
Look for indexed papers.




  1. Chute papers
    • DONE first pass of SL/B/1-24.
    • To do: SL/B/25-34.
    • To do: Look through SL/B/1-5 again looking for postage stamps (DNA).

  2. Collins papers again.

  3. P30 Blennerhassett papers
    Seems to be mainly Blennerhassett of Ballyseedy, but family tree may show other lines.



  1. Go through Blennerhassett BMD notes from newspapers.
    See p.1 and p.2. And abbreviations p.1 and p.2.

  2. Go through Kerry Archives Collection

  3. Rental books of the Denny estate
    • [Denny, 1923] says these mention Blennerhassett and Cashell.
    • Tralee Miscellany, vol.5, is supposed to have extracts from the Rental Book of the Denny estate. But cannot see that.
    • Where is full thing?

  4. Tralee Protestant par records, Hickson
  5. McMorran, history of Tralee
  6. BLENNERHASSETT in [Godfrey Papers]


  1. BLENNERHASSETT in main card index
  2. BLENNERHASSETT in genealogy card index
  3. BLENNERHASSETT folder in Local History filing cabinet
  4. BLENNERHASSETT in Journal of the KAHS
  5. BLENNERHASSETT in the old Kerry Magazine
  6. BLENNERHASSETT in index of Hickson
  7. Genealogy shelf up to: personal family histories


  1. Dromavally, Killorglin

  2. Baronets graves


  1. Local custody - St.Mary's Cathedral, Limerick, par records.



  1. Garvey research again.
    Search for any more material by author of D950/1/9 (Blennerhassett).
    Understand the system of notebooks.

  2. O'Donel papers again. Read full deed of 1861.

  3. Knight of Kerry letters. See vol.18.


  1. GRO.UK

  2. Cambridge again - 4th Baronet papers.
    • Did first pass of Add.7486/50/5. Could do more.
    • Add.7486/32. Lectures given by the 4th Baronet at Queen's College Cork, on French history, Jan-Mar 1898.
    • Add.7486/33. Lectures and articles of Sir Rowland Blennerhassett, 1897-1906. Apparently includes speech by the 4th Baronet at Queen's College Cork, 11 Dec 1897.

  3. Various locations in UK

  4. Shropshire

  5. [NA.UK]
    • Home Office: Registered Papers. "Baronets" series. (Files on different Baronets for some reason.) Blennerhassett of Blennerville. HO 45/23138. Date 1940-1949.

  6. BL

  7. [SOG]




  • DONE - Looked at all Rowland Blennerhassett in 1758-1821
  • DONE - Looked at all Robert Blennerhassett in 1800-1809
  • DONE - Looked at all Baronet branch names in 1804-1859


Searching for Baronet branch deeds

  • Robert (d.1765), Frances
    • Rowland (d.1821)
      • Millicent
      • Richard (d.1817), Agnes (d.1842)
      • Robert (d.1831)
      • Arthur (d.1839), Helena Jane (d.1846)
      • William (d.1842), Elizabeth (d.1857)
      • Rowland (d.1854), Letitia (d.pre-1855)
    • Arthur (d.1790), Catherine (d.1810)
      • Robert(d.1814), Catherine (d.1841)

  • Find wills / will substitutes for Millicent's siblings.
  • In a multi-person deed, the name it is listed under in the index is often fairly random. This is true for both the Grantor and Grantee side. Just need to search anything remotely plausible.
  • (todo) Search for other Kerry surnames as Grantor to Blennerhassett.


To do

  • 1838 deed of Robert Blennerhassett of Mount Rivers the younger. Possibly marriage settlement.
    Search for deeds related to Robert Blennerhassett and Catherine Crone.

  • Find Chute mar settlement 1875. This refers to the lost will of the grandmother Helena Jane Mullins.

  • Mark all searched deeds in yellow in table.

  • Do similar table and search for all YIELDING / YEILDING deeds.
  • Search BUTLER of Waterville/Belville. Going to be hard. Too many false hits.
  • Search HASSETT.

  • Find these:
    • Godfrey to Blennerhassett, 1788. [Deed, Dec 1802] refers to a deed of 25 Mar 1788 from Edward Godfrey to Rowland Blennerhassett about the house in Tralee where the 1st Baronet then lived.
      Searched Godfrey in Grantor index 1788 to 1792. Not found.

    • What appears to be yet another Deed of 25 Mar 1804. Richard Blennerhassett of Ballymacprior and Richard Chute of Chute Hall and Richard Blennerhassett of Blennerville. Transcript in [Kelly and others, 1989, p.396].
      Searched Blennerhassett in Grantor index 1804 to 1809. Not found.



  • Irrelevant: Blennerhassett of Newmarket, Co.Cork.
    • Deed, 1784. Arthur Blennerhassett of Dublin and Melian Blennerhassett of Rathkeale, widow. 435 289 285306.
    • Deed, 1794. Melian Blennerhassett of Dublin, widow, to Stoughton. 479 449 308212 (think not 306212).
    • Deed, 1797. Melian Blennerhassett of Co.Cork, widow, and her dau Sarah. 511 40 330125.
    • Deed, 1800. Registered 1806. [LR] 584 158 396318. Arthur William Blennerhassett.

  • Unidentified:
    • Deed, 1788. Registered 1788. [LR] 387 541 263841. Arthur Blennerhassett of Dublin and Thomas O'Connor.
    • Deed, 1792. Registered 1801. Robert Blennerhassett of Milltown, Co.Kerry, to John Shea. 537 207 352595.
    • Deed, 1796. Registered 1804. [LR] 564 95 376561. Arthur Blennerhassett of Tralee to John O'Hagan.
    • Deed, 1806. Registered 1806. [LR] 586 9 394547. Arthur Blennerhassett of Tralee to O'Connor.
    • Deed, 1809. Registered 1809. [LR] 613 260 418577. Arthur Blennerhassett of Dublin, attorney, and Michael Dwyer.
    • Deed, 1840. Registered 1840. [LR] 1840 19 100. Arthur Blennerhassett of "Ballyordey", Co.Kerry.


Letitia Yielding theory

Other theories

  1. Arthur of Fortfield had a natural dau Elizabeth

  2. Oliver Mason Creagh mar Cashel

Google searches

Search with Cashell will include Cashel.
Search with Blennerhasset will include Blennerhassett.

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