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Things to do

Here are things to do in this family tree research.
Maybe you could do some of them for me.

Things to do - Blennerhassett problem

Things to do - Blennerhassett problem (more)

Things to do - Letitia Blennerhassett

Things to do - Cashel

DNA testing

DNA testing for the Blennerhassett problem

Things to do - Flanagan

Things to do - O'Mara

Things to do - O'Rahilly

Things to do - Mangan

Things to do - Humphrys

Things to do - Thomond

Things to do - Gibbon

Things to do - Noltie

Things to do - Maltass

Things to do - Herbert

Things to do - Fitzwilliam

Things to do - Other old families



Visits to be made to castles, ruins, houses and graves.
Not visits to libraries, papers and people.

Visits - Ireland - Munster

Visits - Ireland - Other

Visits - Britain - North

Visits - Britain - South

Visits - Other countries

The Public Record Office, Dublin, before it was burnt by Irish "patriots" in 1922.
See larger and full size. From here.
When they destroyed the PRO, the Irish "patriots" burnt the 1821 census, 1831 census, 1841 census and 1851 census.
My link to medieval Ireland was lost in this fire, because of Irish "patriots".
My father lived his whole life, and I lived most of my life, without our family's link to medieval Ireland.
In 2020, through a different route, using DNA, I managed to recover my link to medieval Ireland. Too late for my father.
And much of my heritage was lost forever in this fire.

Donation Drive

Please donate to support this site. I have spent a great deal of time and money on this research. Research involves travel and many expenses. Some research "things to do" are not done for years, because I do not have the money to do them.
Please Donate Here to support the ongoing research and to keep this website free.

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