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Mark Humphrys - How to contact me

This research is ongoing, and is being revised constantly. Please contact me if you have any additions or corrections for my site.

  1. Email me:
    How to email me

  2. Real world contact:
    Dr. Mark Humphrys,
    School of Computing,
    Dublin City University,
    Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Ireland.
    Tel: (+353 1) 700-8059
    Fax: (+353 1) 700-5442

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This project is separate to DCU

I host this project on a commercial server in the US, not at my university (DCU).

This project is separate to DCU, with two exceptions: (a) I use my university box for postal correspondence. I can change this if there is a problem. But I think this is reasonable because: (b) DCU has benefited over the years from this project, as in the following:

  1. I have published papers on this work in Computers in Genealogy, with my affiliation given as DCU.

  2. I have done media work on this project, with my affiliation given as DCU, in Nature, The Atlantic Monthly, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Newsweek, Forbes, USA Today and The Irish Times, and on National Public Radio, CBS News, ABC News, MSNBC, Fox News, CTV and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

  3. I have supervised Masters projects at DCU based on this work:
    1. On The Common Ancestors of the Inhabitants of Ireland, Ashley Callaghan, Shane Connolly and Mairead Skally, M.Sc. in Bioinformatics, DCU.
    2. A Computer Simulation of the Genealogy of the Icelandic Population, Tim Downing, Stephen McNally and Victoria Heffron, M.Sc. in Bioinformatics, DCU.

  4. I have supervised Undergraduate projects at DCU based on this work:
    1. Royal Descent finder, David Jacob, B.Sc. in Computer Applications, 4th year project, DCU.
    2. GEDCOM 2 narrative family tree converter, Andrew Martin, B.Sc. in Computer Applications, 3rd year project, DCU.

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