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Our common ancestors - Fitzgerald - Contents

Thomas Fitzgerald, 7th Earl of Desmond

St Mary's Collegiate Church, Youghal, Co.Cork.
Photo 2014. From here.
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One of the oldest houses in Ireland, Myrtle Grove, is just outside this church. See street view.

Thomas Fitzgerald, 7th Earl of Desmond (see here and here),
mar Ellice Barry [dau of William Barry, 8th Baron Barry, by his wife Ellen de la Roche],
Lord Deputy of Ireland 1463-67,
founded the College of Youghal, at St Mary's Church, Youghal, Co.Cork, on 27 Dec 1464,
his political enemies caused his downfall, charged with treason,
beheaded 15 Feb 1468,
bur in St.Peter's Church, Drogheda, later removed to Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin,
Ellice remarried,
had issue:

  1. James Fitzgerald, 8th Earl of Desmond.

  2. Maurice Fitzgerald, 9th Earl of Desmond,
    built Desmond Castle, Kinsale, Co.Cork, c.1500.

  3. Thomas Fitzgerald, 11th Earl of Desmond, born 1454.

  4. Sir John Fitzgerald (see here),
    mar More O'Brien [dau of Donogh O'Brien],
    claimed the Earldom of Desmond and sometimes numbered as one of the Earls, but I follow the numbering in [Complete Peerage],
    died June 1536, at a great age, in the Abbey of Tralee,
    had issue:

    1. James Fitzgerald, 13th Earl of Desmond (see here),
      also numbered the 14th or 15th Earl but I follow the numbering in [Complete Peerage],
      died 1558,
      had issue:

      1. Gerald Fitzgerald, 14th Earl of Desmond (see here),
        the rebel Earl, born c.1533,
        leader in the Desmond Rebellions 1569-73 and 1579-83, which were started by his cousin James FitzMaurice Fitzgerald (who was killed 1579),
        see letter from him to Elizabeth I in 1571,
        he burnt his stronghold of Tralee in 1580 to prevent its capture by the advancing English,
        killed 1583, age c.50 yrs,
        the rebels surrendered 1583,
        the vast estates of the Earls of Desmond were forfeit to the crown.

    2. Sir Maurice Fitzgerald,
      of Carrigaline, Co.Cork.

Fitzgerald wild boar, on a tile surviving from the lost Tralee Castle.
Tile in possession of Denny Baronets.
Image from Gerald O'Carroll.


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