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My ancestors - Mangan - Contents

3 Fishamble St, Dublin

Birthplace of the poet James Clarence Mangan in 1803.
His father James Mangan ran a pub there.
The site is still a pub today, but the old building was demolished around the 1970s.

Location of 3 Fishamble St (blue square) on 1797 map of Dublin.

The poet's father, James Mangan, grocer, listed at 3 Fishamble St, Dublin, in [Dublin directory, 1806].
See full size.

Patrick Smith, grocer (Catherine Smith's brother) is listed at 3 Fishamble St in [Dublin directory, 1814].
Mangan is no longer listed.
[Dublin directory, 1806] lists Mangan at 3 Fishamble St, Smith at 6 Fishamble St.
[Dublin directory, 1814] lists Smith at 3 Fishamble St, Smith at 6 Fishamble St.

Red cross shows approximate location of 3 Fishamble St (E side of street) before Lord Edward St was built.
From 1829 to 1842 map.

The Smith business passed to McNally, relatives of Smith [Walsh, 1988].
Above is 3 Fishamble St in [Thom's, 1884].
This is the E side of the street, going down towards the river.


Lord Edward Street (1886)

When Lord Edward St opened up in 1886, the first few houses on E side of Fishamble St were re-numbered as first houses on Lord Edward St.


Red cross shows approximate location after Lord Edward St built.
This is now 3 Lord Edward St.
From 1887 to 1913 map.
This is the site of the Bull and Castle pub today.

Lord Edward St in [Thom's, 1894].
Healy's pub, 3 and 4 Lord Edward St, is the old Mangan/Smith/McNally establishment [Walsh, 1988].
Note the valuation figures for rates confirm this exactly (same figures as nos. 1-4 Fishamble St earlier).

"Birthplace of Mangan" (would be Healy's pub). From [O'Donoghue, 1897].
Healy's pub has been re-numbered as 5 and 7 Lord Edward St in [Thom's, 1901]. This is not them moving, since all other properties on street are re-numbered too.
Healy's pub is 5-7 Lord Edward St in [Thom's, 1958].


After Healy (1960s to 1970s)


After demolition (1970s to date)


The pub is now The Bull and Castle, 5-7 Lord Edward Street.
The above is 2014 shot from street view.
This is the site of the Mangan house, but the old house is vanished.
There was a plaque to Mangan here but it is now apparently gone.

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