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My ancestors - Mullins - Contents

William Mullins

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William Mullins mentioned as "the present possessor of Burnham" on pp.62-63 of [Smith, 1756].

William Mullins, born 1691,
his father died 1695,
inherited when his grandfather died 1712,
mar 10th June 1716 to Mary Rowan [born est c.1699, descendant of Edward III],
they lived Burnham House, near Dingle, Co.Kerry,
she was bur at Dingle, 4 Dec 1738 [Dingle CoI par records], age est c.39 yrs,
he died 1761, age 70 yrs,
had issue:

  1. Mary Mullins, born est c.1720,
    she is listed as of Dingle, Co.Kerry, at mar,
    mar 3 Apr 1740 [Dingle CoI par records] to Capt. Thomas Goddard and had issue.
    Did NOT mar 3 Feb 1740.

  2. Frederick Mullins,
    bapt 30 July 1723 [Dingle CoI par records], NOT 30 May,
    mar Jane Collis.

  3. Thomas Mullins, 1st Baron Ventry,
    born 25th Oct 1736,
    bapt 7 November 1736 [Dingle CoI par records],
    mar 5th Oct 1757 (poss.1755) to Elizabeth Margaret Gun [born 14th Sept 1736],
    his father died 1761,
    he inherited Burnham House,
    re-built Burnham House 1790,
    purchased Castle Conway, Killorglin from Harman Blennerhassett 1795,
    cr Baronet 1797, cr Baron Ventry 1800,
    "Ventry" is after Ventry, Dingle peninsula,
    Elizabeth died 16th Jan 1823, age 86 yrs,
    he died 11th Jan 1824, age 87 yrs,
    having had issue [ancestors of Barons Ventry]:

    1. Arabella Mullins, mar Richard McGillycuddy.

    2. Elizabeth Mullins (or de Moleyns),
      mar 1780 to Richard Blennerhassett and had issue.

    3. Richard Mullins (de Moleyns), born 1766, had issue:
      1. Sarah de Moleyns, mar Arthur Thomas Blennerhassett and had issue.

    4. Helena Jane Mullins (or Helen Jane, or "Elleanor"), born 1773,
      mar 1799 to Arthur Blennerhassett, of Blennerville and had issue.

    5. Rev. Frederick Mullins, born 1778, had issue:

      1. Frederick William Mullins, born 1804, gentleman scientist,
        MP for Co.Kerry 1831-37 (defeated by Arthur Blennerhassett 1837).

      2. Rev. William Mullins (de Moleyns), had issue:
        1. William Townsend de Moleyns, mar Evelyn Blennerhassett and had issue.

Burial entry for Mary Rowan, [Dingle CoI par records], 4 Dec 1738.
"Xbr" is abbreviation for December.

Dingle CoI church.
Mary Rowan was buried here in 1738.
Mary Mullins married Thomas Goddard here in 1740.
The church was re-built 1807, on the site of the old church.
Apparently there are no early Mullins / de Moleyns monuments inside.
Photo 2016. See larger and full size.
See street view and 2009 street view.

Arms of Mullins and Rowan.
From the arms of the 32 ancestral lines of James Franklin Fuller, made out in 1909 by the Dublin Office of Arms.
Courtesy of Teresa Stokes.
(Left) See full size.
(Right) See full size.


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