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My wife's ancestors - Noltie - Contents

Henry Noltie house, Frederick St, Edinburgh

Henry Noltie (who was born in Germany) lived for a time on Frederick St, New Town, Edinburgh.
He moved there apparently in 1786-88.
His son Henry Noltie was born there in 1788 or 1789.
The Nolties sold the house c.1792-93.

Henry Noltie is listed as grocer at Frederick St, Edinburgh, in [Edinburgh directory, 1788-90].

Henry Noltie is listed as grocer at South Frederick St, Edinburgh, in [Edinburgh directory, 1790-92].

The house is unidentified

The [family memoir] of Henry Noltie describes the location of the house he was born in.
He says the house was "in South Frederick St, Edinburgh, the second house above, or on the North side of Thistle St, on the West side of Frederick St".
We can identify the 2nd house N of the junction with Thistle St, on the W side of Frederick St (see street view).
The problem is that would be North Frederick St.
[Edinburgh directory, 1790-92] confirms it is South Frederick St, so it cannot be the location described.

Note that Henry Noltie left this house as a small child. And he is writing 50 years later in rural Aberdeenshire.

Map of 1819 shows North and South Frederick St, and house numbers.

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