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My ancestors - O'Rahilly - Contents

Barbara Engelke

Eva Morris and her dau Barbara.

Barbara Engelke,
born 4th Nov 1930,
mar 1stly to Ray Hemenway and had issue:

  1. Mike Hemenway,
    mar 1stly to Dianne Rader,
    mar 2ndly to Mary Hodgson and had issue:
    1. Jason Hemenway.
    2. Eric Hemenway.
    mar 3rdly to Melissa Scherman.

  2. Randy Hemenway,
    mar 1stly to Lynn Stanton and had issue:
    1. Kirt Hemenway.
    mar 2ndly to Marilyn Wegg.

  3. Pamela Hemenway,
    mar 1stly to --- Shepard and had issue:
    1. Mike Shepard.
    mar 2ndly and had issue:
    1. Joseph ---.

mar 2ndly to Charles Langsford,
she died Mar 1986, age 55 yrs.

Barbara Engelke.
c.late 1940s, poss. Ely, Nevada.

Barbara Engelke.
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