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My ancestors - Smith - Contents

Smith of Tidworth House, Hampshire

Tidworth is on the border of Hampshire and Wiltshire. In the past, North Tidworth was in Wiltshire and neighbouring South Tidworth was in Hampshire. Smith were of Tidworth House, South Tidworth, Hampshire. After boundary change in 1992, both parts of Tidworth are now in Wiltshire.

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South Tidworth church.
See full size. 2016 screenshot from street view.
There is a memorial to John Smith the politician and his father in the church.


Thomas Smith,
purchased Tidworth House, South Tidworth, Hampshire, in 1650,
had issue:

John Smith,
of St. Mary Aldermanbury, City of London,
and of South Tidworth.
He mar Mary Wright [daughter of Sir Edmund Wright, alderman, of London].
He was a militia commissioner in 1659.
He died in 1690,
buried in the old church at South Tidworth.
He had issue:

  1. Mary Smith,
    mar Thomas Farrington [of St. Andrew Undershaft, City of London],
    he was a London merchant,
    he purchased an estate at Chislehurst, SE side of London, in about 1670,
    he worked 1672–73 for Royal African Company (founded 1660), a major slave-trading company,
    he died 1694,
    had issue:

    1. Thomas Farrington,
      army officer and Whig MP,
      born 1664, only son,
      raised the 29th (Worcestershire) Regiment of Foot in 1694,
      regiment raised again in 1702, his cousins Richard Goddard and Henry Goddard joined his regiment in 1702,
      MP for Malmesbury 1705 to death 1712,
      Lieutenant General 1709,
      died 7 October 1712, age 48 yrs, bur at Chislehurst.

  2. Elizabeth Smith,
    mar Edward Goddard, MP and had issue.

  3. John Smith, Speaker of the House of Commons,
    born 1656,
    fourth, but only surviving son.

Lieutenant General Thomas Farrington.
Copy of earlier painting, by unknown artist. Worcester City Art Gallery & Museum.
From here. See photo on wall.
See copy in preface of [Everard, 1891].

Lieutenant General Thomas Farrington.
From "The History of Chislehurst". From here.

Tidworth House

Tidworth House (now spelled Tedworth House), South Tidworth (or Tedworth), Hampshire (now in Wiltshire).
The old manor was purchased by Thomas Smith 1650.
Inherited by John Smith (died 1723).
The old house was re-built between 1828 and 1830.
Sold out of the family. Had various owners.
"Tedworth House", Wiltshire, is now a recovery centre for the veterans' charity Help for Heroes.
See videos.


Tidworth House on 1873 map.
See modern satellite view.
See street view at house and on the avenue.

Tidworth House.
Photo 2010. See full size. From here.
See more images.


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