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My wife's ancestors - Turner - Contents

King St, Cambridge

The Turners lived from at least 1813 in King St, Cambridge (see map).
No numbers are given for the earlier entries, but in 1846 the Turners are apparently at numbers 90 and 92 King St.

The Turner houses, 90 and 92 King St (old numbering), are now demolished

King St was re-numbered sometime after 1878.
[Spalding's Directory of Cambridge, 1878] shows the old 90 and 92 King St were on the N side of King St, between Malcolm St and Manor St (near the Manor St end), in a row that has since been entirely demolished and redeveloped (see street view).

90 to 94 King St (in the new numbering) are irrelevant

The Turner houses are NOT the same as the buildings that are today numbered 90 to 94 King St, Cambridge (on S side of street, at Pike's Walk).
These latter buildings are Jakenett's Almshouses, founded 1790 (see street view).
[Spalding's Directory of Cambridge, 1878] shows they previously had a different number. They were as at 1878 numbered as 48 and 49 King St.
They have been re-numbered as "90 to 94" sometime since 1878.

Jakenett's Almshouses had a different number in 1878.

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