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My wife's ancestors - Villiers - Contents

Brooksby Hall, Leicestershire

Brooksby Hall, at Brooksby, Leicestershire.

Brooksby was seat of Villiers from 13th century.
Seat of Sir John Villiers (succ 1480, died 1507).
Seat of Sir George Villiers (succ 1558, died 1606).
The present building Brooksby Hall dates from late 16th century.
By 1603 the village at Brooksby was depopulated and only Brooksby Hall remained.
Seat of Sir William Villiers, 1st Baronet (succ 1606, died 1629).
West wing is 17th century.
Brooksby sold out of Villiers family by Sir William Villiers, 3rd Baronet 1711.
Building Hall was extensively altered in 18th and 19th and 20th centuries.
Now part of Brooksby Melton College.
See street view of entrance.
See entry in listed buildings.

Brooksby Hall and church.
From old map. Surveyed: 1883. Published: 1884.
See modern satellite view.

Brooksby Hall and church.
Plate between p.194 and p.195 in [Nichols, 1800].

Brooksby Hall and church.
Photo 2010. See full size.
From Phil McIver. Creative Commons.

Brooksby Hall.
Photo 2007. From Geograph.

Brooksby Hall.
Photo 2009. From Geograph.


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