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Results: It does not rank hits. It returns every single page that matches, in the random order in which it finds them. If it returns too many results, hit the "Stop" button of your browser and search again with a better argument. In fact, you can just type away into the search box and hit return anytime to interrupt the current search and start a new one. You can also interrupt the search by just clicking on a search result anytime as soon as you see one you want, and it will go straight there without having to wait for the whole search to finish. You can also of course click on the "Back" button of your browser anytime to interrupt.

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Do I link to you? Again, because it searches the HTML, you can find out if I link to your web pages anywhere in my site. Simply search for a fragment of URL that would identify a link to you. For example, to see if (and where) I link to the multimap map site, search for

About this search engine: This search engine was written by me in Shell and C++. See How to write a search engine in 9 lines of Shell.

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