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Rev. William Gould


Rev. William Gould.
See full size.
Courtesy of Ralph Powell.

Rev. William Gould,
born 3 Dec 1835, Limerick,
bapt Church of Ireland.
See entry in tree by Ralph Powell.
Father died 1844. Mother died March 1849. He was orphaned at age 13.
He emigrated to Victoria, Australia.
He became a Primitive Methodist clergyman 1864 [death notice].
Described at mar 1868 as minister at Eaglehawk, Bendigo (formerly called Sandhurst).

He mar 1stly, 23 Sept 1868, to Elizabeth Moon [born 3 Dec 1845, Cardiff, Wales, dau of George Moon].
They mar at 77 Rosslyn St, West Melbourne.
See item in The Age, Mon 28 Sept 1868. This says the wedding supper was Fri 25 Sept 1868, so maybe that is correct date of marriage.
See marriage notice in Illustrated Australian News, 5 Oct 1868. This has the marriage on 23 Sept 1868.
Living Eaglehawk, Bendigo, at son's birth 1869.
Living Benalla, Victoria, Australia, as at 1873-75.

Links to Ned Kelly: Some of the family of bandit Ned Kelly, though of Irish Catholic background, came to Rev. Gould's Methodist mission in Benalla to get married.
In Benalla on 15 Sept 1873 he conducted the marriage of Ned Kelly's sister Maggie Kelly to William Skillion.
At his residence, Barkly St, Benalla, on 19 Feb 1874 he then conducted the marriage of Ned Kelly's mother to George King (after Ned's father had died in 1866). Ned himself was one of the witnesses. See mar cert posted here.

He conducted a marriage in 1874 at his residence, Barkly St, Benalla.
He conducted a marriage in 1875 at Benalla.
He was pastor at Longford, Tasmania, as at 1878-80.
Living Castlemaine, Victoria, as at 1883.

Elizabeth dies, 1884:
She died evening of Wed 14 May 1884, age 38 yrs, of bronchitis, at her house (the parsonage), Templeton St, Castlemaine, Victoria.
See item in Bendigo Advertiser, 16 May 1884. Says she died Thur 15 May, but family diary and bible say Wed 14 May.
Funeral 16 May 1884. Diary says buried in Castlemaine cemetery.
Not buried Williamstown cemetery, Melbourne. (That is where her mother was buried.)
Their dau Ethel died a few days later, on 22 May 1884.
See long item on Elizabeth's death in Launceston Examiner, 23 May 1884. Says she died Wed 14 May.
Elizabeth's mother Mrs. Moon died 2 weeks later, on 28 May 1884, at the parsonage, Castlemaine. See grave.
See report on Mrs. Moon's death in Bendigo Advertiser, 29 May 1884.
Rev. William had issue by 1st wife:

  1. George Gould,
    eldest son, born 20 Dec 1869 [family bible], or poss. 19 Dec 1869.
    He is described at mar as cousin of James Gould Wilkinson of Limerick.
    He is described at mar as "of the Education Department".
    He mar 7 Sept 1897, at her house, Rossylongan House, to Edith Steele.
    She was dau of A.L.M. Steele, of Rossylongan House, Wangaratta, Victoria. He was in the Victorian Police.
    George and his wife were married by his father Rev. William Gould.
    See notice in The Argus (Melbourne), October 16, 1897.

  2. Elizabeth Anne Gould, born 1871,
    died 1873.

  3. Mary Ann Gould, born 1873.

  4. Ethel Gould,
    Ethel Moon Gould, born 22 June 1876,
    died days after her mother, 22 May 1884, age 7 yrs.

  5. Ada Jessie Gould, born 1878,
    died 1894.

  6. Jeanie Gould,
    Jeanie Maud Gould, born 1880, Longford, Tasmania.
    She mar Henry James Gardner and had issue.

  7. Amy Lydia Gould, born 1883.

Rev. William was left in 1884 with young children.
He was minister at Creswick, Victoria, in 1885-1886.
See The Mercury (Hobart), 5 Feb 1885.
He mar 2ndly, 30 June 1887, to Jessie Kennedy [Jessie Walse Kennedy, born 15 Nov 1851, Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland, dau of Robert Kennedy].
They mar at Geelong, Victoria.

Rev. William dies, 1902:
He died Fri 31 Jan 1902, at the Primitive Methodist Parsonage, Maryborough, Victoria, age 66 yrs.
See death notice in The Argus (Melbourne), Sat 1 Feb 1902.
Funeral in Maryborough, Sat 1 Feb 1902. See item in The Argus (Melbourne), 4 Feb 1902.
Jessie died 3 Jan 1922, age 70 yrs.
Rev. William had issue by 2nd wife:

  1. Ray Gould,
    Clement Raphael Gould, born 1888.

  2. Gladys Gould, born 1891.

  3. William Erle Wilkinson Gould, born 1894.
    He died 31 Dec 1969.
    See death notice in The Age, 2 Jan 1970.

Rev. William Gould.
See full size.
Courtesy of Ralph Powell.

Rev. William Gould's diary entry, 14 May 1884, when his 1st wife died.
Courtesy of Ralph Powell.




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