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Portrait of Dr. William Kerr by Thomas Phillips

Portrait of Dr. William Kerr (born 1738, died 1824).
Painted 1813 by Thomas Phillips.
Portrait shows Kerr seated with the new Northampton Hospital visible in the background.
On his desk are plans of the new hospital, which he helped build in 1793.

Letters of 1812 shows plans for the forthcoming portrait:
Dr. William Kerr and his wife were friendly with Charles Compton, 1st Marquess of Northampton and his wife Lady Northampton (Maria Smith).

[Cox and Serjeantson, 1897] says it was painted 1813.
Dr. Kerr's obituary, 1824 says it was painted for his 50th year at the hospital (which would be 1813) though it then incorrectly says "1824". From the context this seems to be a typo.
BBC is wrong to say it is 1811.


Dr. William Kerr.
The new Northampton Hospital in background.
This is the original portrait.
[Cox and Serjeantson, 1897] said the original portrait was then in the committee room at Northampton Hospital.
BBC says it is still at Northampton General Hospital.

Dr. William Kerr.
A copy made from the 1813 portrait.
At Northamptonshire Central Library, Abington St, Northampton.
From BBC.


1813 engraving

An engraving of the portrait was printed in 1813.

Dr. William Kerr.
This is an engraving of the original portrait.
Engraved by William Say, printed 30 Nov 1813 in London.
See larger and full size.
See copy at NPG.
See other copy at NPG.


The date is tiny and hard to read. At a distance it appears to be 30 Nov 1819 but on close-up it seems clear it is 30 Nov 1813.
See full size.

Dr. William Kerr.
Detail of engraving.
See larger and full size.


AI animation

AI animation of (copy of) the portrait.
Made using Deep Nostalgia at MyHeritage.

AI animation of the NCL copy of the portrait.

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