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My ancestors - O'Callaghan - Contents

John Tangney


John Tangney and Catherine O'Callaghan and their children (left to right) Michael, Peggy and Joan.
Photo would be late 1928, Australia.
See full size. From Patricia Henriksen.

John Tangney,
born 8 Jan 1898, Ballinorig East, E side of Tralee, Co.Kerry.
See entry (login needed) in [Talbot tree].
Living Ballinorig at mar 1921.
He mar 1921, Tralee, to Catherine O'Callaghan [born 21 March 1899].
See mar cert.
They lived Ballinorig for a time.

Went to Australia:
They were in Ireland in 1925.
John came out to Australia c.1926.
Catherine followed him in Sept 1927.
Lived Melbourne for a time.
Then lived Sydney.

John died 27 Nov 1964, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, age 66 yrs.
See death notice in the Kerryman, December 12, 1964.
He was bur 1 Dec 1964 in Botany Cemetery, Sydney.
Catherine died 28 July 1974, Sydney, age 75 yrs.
She was bur 30 July 1974 in Botany Cemetery, Sydney.
John and Catherine had issue:

  1. Peggy Tangney,
    mar Bill Larkin and had issue:

    1. Paul Larkin.
    2. Joan Larkin.

  2. Michael Tangney.

  3. Joan Tangney,
    made out family history,
    mar 1954 to Russell Henriksen
    and had issue:

    1. Anne Mary Henriksen, mar --- Dotta.
    2. Joanne Marie Henriksen, mar --- Robson.
    3. Christine Mary Henriksen, mar --- Reilly.

    4. Patricia Henriksen.
      DNA match to me.
      She mar --- Leigh.

    5. Russell StJohn Henriksen.

  4. Denis Tangney, mar Helen Annear and had issue:
    1. Billy Tangney.
    2. Danny Tangney.
    3. SallyAnne Tangney.
    4. Moira Tangney.
    5. Michael Tangney.

  5. Kathleen Tangney.

  6. Mary Tangney, mar Jean Bourgeoise and had issue:
    1. Marc Bourgeoise.
    2. Jean Luke Bourgeoise.
    3. Catherine Bourgeoise.
    4. Danielle Bourgeoise.

  7. Brian Tangney,
    mar Yvonne Robinson,
    had issue:

    1. Sheena Tangney.
      DNA match to me and my mother.
      She mar --- Gale and had issue:

      1. Claire Gale.
        DNA match to me and my mother.

    2. Eve Tangney.
      DNA match to me and my mother.

  8. Eileen Tangney, mar Kenneth Atkinson and had issue:
    1. Jennifer Atkinson.
    2. Jeffrey Atkinson.
    3. Michael Atkinson.


Wedding of Russell Henriksen and Joan Tangney, Sydney, 1954.
Left to right: Russell Henriksen's parents, Russell Henriksen, Joan Tangney, Catherine O'Callaghan, John Tangney.
See full size.
Photo courtesy of Joe Maher of

Photo at wedding of Mary Tangney to Jean Bourgeoise.
Left to Right: Russell Henriksen's mother, Mary Tangney, her mother Catherine O'Callaghan.
See full size. From Patricia Henriksen.

Catherine O'Callaghan, front LHS, on a visit back to Ireland later in life.
Others unidentified.
See full size. Courtesy of Patricia Henriksen.

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