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"Toomevara", Ennis

"Toomevara" (thus spelt), Victoria Road (now Cusack Road), NW side of Ennis, Co.Clare.
This house was built by Dr. Frank O'Mara (bapt 18 Sept 1862) in old age, probably in late 1930s.
Dr. Frank was head of Ennis Asylum (Clare Mental Hospital) for decades, and lived at the Asylum.
He retired 1935-1939. He needed a new house. He built "Toomevara".
In the O'Mara family there has long been a family story that the O'Maras came from the village of Toomevara, Co.Tipperary. Dr. Frank named his house after this story. However the story seems not to be true.

The road had been renamed to Cusack Road by 1946.
Dr. Frank died at "Toomevara" in 1946.
His daughter Joan O'Mara inherited the house. She soon moved to Co.Wicklow.
The house was sold out of the O'Mara family.

The house kept the O'Mara name "Toomevara".
2018 street view shows the name "Toomevara" on the gatepost.
2022 street view shows the front wall being removed.
A new wall was put in. The sign saying "Toomevara" was not restored. Though the house was still called "Toomevara".
See it for sale in 2023. Still called "Toomevara". Says "Built in the 1930's".
It was sold in 2023.
As at 2023, there is no sign with the house name.

Victoria Road on 1887 to 1913 map.

"Toomevara", Cusack Road, Ennis.
(No longer in the family, but still with the name "Toomevara".)
From 2018 street view.

"Toomevara" in 2023.
Re-built front wall. The sign is gone.
See larger and full size.
See other angle. See closer.

"Toomevara" for sale in 2023.

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