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Patrick Rahilly

Patrick Rahilly, born c.1735.
The "rake outrageous O'Rahilly".
The eccentric scholar and schoolmaster.
Said to be grandson of the poet.
He worked from age 17 to death as a private tutor, "and so ardent a lover of variety was he, that in the course of that long period he was never known to pass an entire year in one family" [1834 article].
He died c.1810, age 75 yrs.
[1834 article] recalls his life.

Rahilly's enjoyment of "taverns and pot-houses" recalled in [1834 article].

Rahilly christens himself the "rake outrageous O'Rahilly".
From [1834 article].

Seafield House, Co.Waterford, on 1829 to 1842 map.
This is NW of Bunmahon and NE of Stradbally, Co.Waterford.
This is the house of the Power family, where Rahilly was a tutor and where the above story takes place.


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