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Rev. Florence Rahilly


Rev. Florence Rahilly,
Catholic priest, born est c.1715.
He became a priest, at the height of the Penal Laws.
He had to be educated abroad.
He was educ at the Irish College, Bordeaux, France.
[Walsh and Pelette, 1950, p.124] shows the list of ordinations in record G 914.
The ordaining prelate was Francois-Honore-Lancelot de Maniban, Bishop of Bordeaux 1730-43.
[Walsh and Pelette, 1950, pp.127-128] shows "Florentius Rahilly, Aghadoe" (Diocese of Aghadoe), son of "Morganus Rahilly and Julia O'Donoghue", of the parish of "Sancti Cumini" (Kilcummin parish).
The ordination process for Florence began 31 May 1738.
He was finally ordained a priest on 19 Sept 1739.

The four entries in the ordination process for Rev. Florence Rahilly.
From [Walsh and Pelette, 1950, pp.127-128].

The Irish College, Bordeaux

The Irish College in Bordeaux, France.
[Walsh and Pelette, 1950] says this was in the Rue du Hâ, near Bordeaux Cathedral (see map).
[Walsh and Pelette, 1950] said the Irish College building then still existed, and was being used "as a motor repair depot".
Exact location unknown. See street view at W end and E end.

The Rue du Hâ on 1716-1717 map of Bordeaux.
Rotated so N is approximately up. (In the original, N is to the left.)

The Rue du Hâ (opposite "21") on 1777 map of Bordeaux.
N is towards the top left.

The Rue du Hâ on 1832 map of Bordeaux.
Rotated so N is up. (In the original, N is to the right.)

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