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James II, King of Scotland

James II, King of Scotland.
From National Galleries of Scotland.
From Wikimedia Commons.

James II, King of Scotland (see here), born 1430.
Reigned 1437-60.
He mar Mary of Guelders.
He was killed in an accident in the siege of Roxburgh Castle 1460.
He was bur Holyrood Abbey, in grounds of Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh.

Mary founded Trinity College Kirk, Edinburgh, 1460.
She died 1463, bur Trinity College Kirk.
In 1848, Trinity College Kirk was demolished to build the main Edinburgh railway station, and Mary's coffin was moved to Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh.
James II and Mary had issue:

  1. Mary Stewart,
    mar James Hamilton, 1st Lord Hamilton and had issue.

  2. James III, King of Scotland, reigned 1460-88.

James II, King of Scotland.
From here.

Mary of Guelders.
From here.


Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh

Holyrood Abbey, in grounds of Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh.
Burial place of James II, King of Scotland, and (later) his wife Mary of Guelders.

Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh.
Photo 2007. From here. See terms of use.

Vault at Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh, that now contains the coffin of Mary of Guelders.
Photo 2009. See full size.
From here. Creative Commons.
See also wider 2009 photo. From here. Used with permission.

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