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My ancestors - Blennerhassett - Contents

Arthur Blennerhassett, of Riddlestown

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Margaret Hayes, wife of Arthur Blennerhassett.
From Bill Jehan.
See label.

Arthur Blennerhassett,
of Riddlestown Park, Co.Limerick,
mar Margaret Hayes [dau and co-heiress of Jeremiah Hayes, of Cahir Guillamore, near Kilmallock, Co.Limerick, see abstract of his will 1732],
Margaret was the only lady member of the Limerick Hellfire Club, which met at Askeaton Castle,
Arthur drowned in Lakes of Killarney, Co.Kerry, Oct 1775,
(todo) see Hibernian Chronicle, 9th Oct 1775,
had issue:

Gerald Blennerhassett,
of Riddlestown, had issue:

Gerald Blennerhassett,
of Riddlestown, Co.Limerick,
mar 2ndly, 1778, to Letitia Bateman,
had issue by 2nd wife:

  1. Gerald Blennerhassett, had issue:

    1. Gerald Blennerhassett, born 1809,
      mar 1840 to Geraldine Anne Fitzgerald and had issue.

    2. Clara Anne Blennerhassett, born c.1812,
      mar 1835 to John Fitzgerald, Knight of Glin and had issue.

    3. William Massy Blennerhassett, bapt 1814,
      officer in RIC, Sub-Inspector,
      mar 1847 to Margaret Sophia Fitzgerald.

  2. John Blennerhassett,
    of Riddlestown, Co.Limerick,
    of Whiskey Hall, Kilmoylan, Co.Limerick,
    and of Rockfield, Ballycahane par, Co.Limerick (possibly formerly held by Nihell, definitely formerly held by Furnell),
    mar 1stly, 1807, to --- Wren,
    mar 2ndly, 1817, to Mary Anne Bennett,
    he or his son would be the John Blennerhassett who leased Finnoo, Kilmoylan par, Co.Limerick, to Joseph Lindsay around 1852,
    died at a great age in 1871,
    had issue by 2nd wife:

    1. Letitia Grace Blennerhassett, born 1821,
      died unmarried, 31st Mar 1915, age 94 yrs,
      bur 2nd Apr, Crecora, Co.Limerick [Kilpeacon, Limerick, burial register].

    2. John Brooke Blennerhassett, born c.1827,
      died 1892,
      had issue [did NOT have a daughter Letitia - that is a confusion with his sister].
      Ancestor of Blennerhassett of Rockfield, Ballycahane par, Co.Limerick,
      and of Ballyregan (NOT Ballyvegan), Ballycahane par, Co.Limerick.

  3. Letitia Blennerhassett, born est c.1785,
    her descendant Tania Macdonald says she was known as "Lei Lei",
    mar 1807 to Samuel Harding and had issue.

Complete entry for Arthur Blennerhassett, of Riddlestown, in [Burkes Irish, 1976].
Letitia Blennerhassett is not listed.


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