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My ancestors - Cashel - Contents

Edward Cashel

Edward Cashel as a child.
From photo c.1887.

Edward Cashel,
Edward Francis Cashel junior,
born on Unga Island, Alaska, March 18, 1881,
poss. descendant of Edward III.
He is listed as living with sister Sarah's family at the Apollo mining camp on Unga in 1900 census. He is listed as "laborer", illiterate.
Moved to Douglas, Alaska, in 1900 (as did his sister's family).
He worked at the Treadwell Mine Foundry in Douglas as a molder.
He mar 4 Dec 1917, Juneau, Alaska, to Jane West [Jane Ann West, born 26 July 1880 in Scotland, NOT Margaret].

Jane was a widow. She had married previously to James Lindsay [NOT Lindsey, born 1879] and had issue.
James Lindsay arrived in Douglas around 1906.
He worked at the Treadwell as a millman.
He died 15 Sept 1916, age 37 yrs,
bur Masons Cemetery, Douglas (see grave).

Edward and Jane lived for a time at Seattle, WA. Son born there 1918.
They went back to Alaska. Lived Douglas.
Living Douglas 1941 when their son married in Sitka, Alaska.
They moved to Sitka in 1946 (where their son was living).
Edward was "custodian" in the federal building at Sitka.
Jane went into a home, the Pioneers' Home, in Sitka, in 1958-59.
He joined her in the Pioneers' Home in June 1959. See item in Daily Sitka Sentinel, June 11, 1959, p.2, which incorrectly says he was born in Ireland (that would be his father).
He died Fri 27 Nov 1959, at the Pioneers' Home, Sitka, Alaska, age 78 yrs.
He was bur Juneau.
See brief obituary in Daily Sentinel, Sitka, Nov 30, 1959, p.2. It confirms that his son Frank is the politician.
See note of thanks in The Daily Sentinel, Sitka, Dec 7, 1959, p.4.
Jane died 24 Apr 1963 in Juneau, age 82 yrs.
Edward and Jane had issue:

  1. Frank Cashel,
    Frank Edward Cashel, born 11 Dec 1918 in Seattle, WA,
    Democrat politician in Alaska.
    Described as "originally of Seattle" in item in Fairbanks Daily News Miner, Feb 4, 1959, p.2.
    However the family came back to Alaska. Another profile says he grew up in Douglas, Alaska. He was educ Douglas High School.
    He was educ at University of Alaska (at that time this means University of Alaska, Fairbanks).
    See 1938 letter addressed to "Frank E. Cashel, College, Alaska" from "Margaret Lindsay" of Juneau (his half-sister). Letter now in Juneau-Douglas City Museum.
    He worked in engineering and construction. He was a carpenter.

    He mar 1stly, Sat 30 Aug 1941, to Myrtle Hollywood [dau of John Hollywood].
    They married at St. Peter's by-the-Sea Episcopal Church in Sitka, Alaska, NOT in Juneau.
    See report in Daily Sitka Sentinel, Sept 5, 1941, p.5. Mentions Frank's half-sister "Margaret Lindsay".
    They lived Sitka.
    He served in US Army in WW2. Enlisted on June 22, 1944, as a Private. Served as "US Navy, Base Inspector".
    He is listed as Corporal in item in Daily Sitka Sentinel, June 4, 1945, p.3.
    After the war he worked in fishing and construction. Profile says he was "Commercial Fisherman, Sitka; Construction Worker, Sitka; Proprietor, Plumbing Business, Sitka".
    Director, Employment & Security Division, Department of Labor, Douglas.
    Building Official, City & Borough of Juneau.
    President/Member, Alaska Council of Carpenters.
    As at 1959 he was living at Sitka with wife Myrtle.

    Member of Alaska House of Representatives 1959-64.
    He was a member of the very first Alaska House of Representatives in the 1st Alaska State Legislature, when Alaska, formerly a territory, became a state in Jan 1959.
    Frank stood in the primaries in Aug 1958. See item in Fairbanks News Miner, Aug 9, 1958, p.6.
    He was elected to the Alaska House of Representatives for the Sitka district in Nov 1958. The House sat from Jan 1959 to 1960.
    He sat again for Sitka in the 2nd Alaska State Legislature 1961-62.
    He mar 2ndly, September 1, 1962, Douglas, Alaska, to Maria Gouveia.
    He sat again for Sitka in the 3rd Alaska State Legislature 1963-64.

    He died 2 May 1991 in Federal Way, WA, age 72 yrs.
    See profile in 100 Years of Alaska's Legislature.

Edward Cashel and his sister both listed as illiterate in 1900 census.
See full size.

This was said to be the wedding photo (1870) of Edward Francis Cashel and Marre-a Olgin.
But I doubt this because: (a) the clothes look far too modern, and more importantly: (b) the photo is of too high a quality.
Perhaps it is the wedding photo (1917) of his son Edward Francis Cashel junior. It looks like him (see below).
See larger and full size.

Edward Francis Cashel junior.
From [Pioneers of Alaska].
(Left) See full size.
(Right) See full poster.

Grave of James Lindsay, Masons Cemetery, Douglas.
See full size. From
See also


Frank Edward Cashel


Profile of Frank Edward Cashel in Fairbanks Daily News Miner, Jan 26, 1959, p.3.

Frank Edward Cashel, Member of Alaska House of Representatives, 1959.
From Alaska State Library.
There are some group pictures but unfortunately the scans are very low quality.

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