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My ancestors - Cashel - Contents

Cashel of Co.Kerry

Our Cashel family is apparently of Co.Kerry.
They descend from the Blennerhassett family of Ireland, though from what branch is not clear.

Cashel of Co.Kerry (married Blennerhassett) (our family)


The proper spelling of our family seems to be "Cashel" not "Cashell".
George Cashel is spelled "George Cashell" in many places, but none apparently written by him. (Disciplinary action in 1829, land records in 1850s, Petty Sessions in 1850s-60s, land records in 1860s.)
William Henry Cashel is spelled "William Henry Cashell" in a newspaper of 1869.
After 1870 the spelling in the family is always "Cashel".


Our family starts with:

George Blennerhassett Cashel's middle name displayed on mar cert of his son Blennerhassett Cashel in 1869.
See larger and full size.
See our tradition of descent from Blennerhassett.

Detail from grave of George's son Blennerhassett Cashel.

George Cashel's RIC record.
Showing that he was recommended by "A. Blennerhasset, J.P." when he joined the County Constabulary in 1828.

The notes of Pat Lavelle show the mother of George Cashel as a Letitia Blennerhassett.
See our tradition of descent from a Letitia Blennerhassett.

Some fictional Gaelic genealogy about Cashel from Pat Lavelle in [PAT/4].
She refers to her grandfather Blennerhassett Cashel.
Pat was fascinated by old Gaelic Ireland, but ironically, she could not see that Blennerhassett, not Cashel, or any other family, was the only line that could actually give her a real descent from old Gaelic Ireland. A bit more work on the real Cashel tree would probably have yielded all the ancient Gaelic ancestry anyone could want.

Cashell (or Cashel) of Co.Kerry and Co.Tipperary (married Blennerhassett)


The following are a Cashell (or sometimes Cashel) family of Co.Kerry (and Co.Tipperary) who descend from Blennerhassett through a marriage in the 1720s. This could be our family, or it may be just a coincidence.

This could be our family:

This could be just a coincidence:

We start this family with the following. The Ballynevan area of Co.Clare seems to be the ancestral home:

Patrick Cashell,
or Cashel, gentleman,
of "Ballynavin", Co.Clare, NOT Co.Kerry,
think this is Ballynevan, Kilfinaghta par, SE Co.Clare (N of Sixmilebridge, not far from Co.Limerick border, Limerick city and Co.Tipperary border, see map), since this is prob. the same family as that of Sixmilebridge below,
so think this is NOT Ballyknavin, O'Briensbridge par, SE Co.Clare (NW of O'Briensbridge, closer to Co.Tipperary border, across the far side of the River Shannon from Shallee area, Co.Tipperary),
also, it may be coincidence, but Ballynevan is in the "Mountcashel" area,

Patrick's will dated 24th Jan 1734,
died 1734-35,
will proved 17th Mar 1735 [Index to Irish Wills, vol.3], think burnt in Four Courts 1922,
this also noted in [Betham abstracts] vol.8 p.73, [NLI] GO Ms 230, [NLI] microfilm POS 1220 (illegible),
had issue:

  1. Francis Cashell.

  2. Henry Cashell.

Must be the same as:

Patrick Cashell,
"colonus" (farmer),
had issue:

  1. Francis Cashell,
    born 1697, Sixmilebridge, Kilfinaghta par, Co.Clare,
    educ at Mr.Cashin's school, Limerick,
    educ TCD,
    went up 13th May 1715, age 18, "Pensioner" (i.e. paid normal fees, from family of middling means),
    BA Spring 1719 [TCD Alumni].

And this is probably the same Francis Cashell that married Rowan, for three reasons, (a) the date of birth is about right, (b) then Patrick is the great-grandfather of Rowan Patrick Cashell and must be the origin of his middle name, and (c) later, as of 1760, Ballynevan seems to be connected with Henry Cashell:

  1. Francis Cashell,
    of Shallee, N Co.Tipperary [near E Co.Clare and NE Co.Limerick],
    married 1720s to Rowan of Co.Kerry [whose mother was a Blennerhassett],
    family lived in both Co.Tipperary and Co.Kerry.

Miscellaneous Cashels


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