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My ancestors - Cashel - Contents

George Fleek

George Fleek ("Sonny"), Douglas.
From [Berg family history].

George Fleek,
George Elroy Fleek, "Sonny",
born 6 Jan 1913 in Douglas, Alaska,
his family moved to Miami, Arizona, in 1917,
mar July 22, 1933 in Phoenix, Arizona, to Sylvia Johnson [Sylvia Martha, born December 28, 1916, Globe, Arizona, apparently NOT Miami, Arizona],
she was dau of John Johnson and Elina Kutomaki [or Elena Kytomaki],
living Arizona as at 1935,
moved from Arizona back to Douglas, Alaska, June 1936 (his parents and siblings had gone back 1934),
the Douglas fire of 1937 destroyed their rented home and their possessions,
listed at Douglas in 1940 census (close to his parents, on same census sheet), he is taxi driver,
co-owned and operated the Alaskan Cab Company and the Trailways Bus Line (or "Channel Bus Line") between Douglas and Juneau, Alaska,
Maintenance Chief for the City of Douglas from 1956 to death 1974,
he died 16 Aug 1974 in Seattle, WA, age 61 yrs,
bur Eagles Cemetery, Douglas, Alaska,
the Flag Pole Installation at Robert Savikko Park, Savikko Rd, Douglas, is a Memorial to him (see street view of park sign),
Sylvia worked for the Territory of Alaska, retired in 1980 from the state of Alaska Department of Revenue,
she lived 3rd and G, Douglas,
she lived to see great-great-grandchildren,
died Jan 18, 2010, at her home, Douglas, age 93 yrs,
burial of her ashes at Eagles Cemetery, Douglas,
had issue:

  1. William Fleek, mar Barbara Ann Mary Rispoli and had issue:

    1. William Fleek.
    2. Robert Fleek.
    3. Debora Fleek, mar --- Ross.
    4. George Fleek.
    5. Angela Fleek.

    6. Tina Fleek,
      close DNA match to Frank McGrath and Helen McGrath,
      mar 1stly to James Ross and had issue:

      1. Jamie Ross.
      2. Brandi Ross,
        close DNA match to Helen McGrath.

      mar 2ndly to Antonio Bocanegra and had issue:

      1. Carmen Bocanegra.
      2. Alesandro Bocanegra.
      3. Anna Sofia Bocanegra.
      4. Tyrone Bocanegra.

  2. Beth Fleek,
    mar 1stly to Dale Adams,
    mar 2ndly to Robert Lamb,
    had issue by 1st husband:

    1. Elaine Adams, had issue:
      1. Jake Adams.
    2. Elizabeth Adams, mar Pablo --- and had issue:
      1. Matthew Adams.
      2. Danielle Adams.

      One of the daus had issue:

      1. "alanaalbrechta23".
        DNA match to Frank McGrath.

    3. Steven Adams, mar Jennifer ---.

  3. Vadra Fleek,
    mar 1stly to Ed Langworthy and had issue:
    1. Ricky Langworthy.
    2. Kathleen Langworthy.
    3. Denise Langworthy.
    4. Kimberly Langworthy.
    mar 2ndly to Paul Willet,
    mar 3rdly to Pat Boss.

  4. Rick Fleek,
    mar 1stly to Sherry --- and had issue:
    1. Adam Fleek.
    mar 2ndly to Sally Shattuck.

  5. Jean Fleek,
    close DNA match to Frank McGrath and Helen McGrath and Derval McGrath,
    mar James E. Feakes and had issue:

    1. Anne Feakes,
      mar 1stly to James E. Vankirk,
      mar 2ndly to Joseph Davitt and had issue:
      1. (son) Davitt.
      2. (son) Davitt.

George Fleek ("Sonny") as a child, Douglas.
From [Berg family history].

Douglas after 1937 fire.
Alaska State Library. Core file (Douglas-Fires-6). PCA 01-2423.
From here. See terms of use.

Grave of George Fleek.
Eagles Cemetery, Douglas.
See full size. From
See also photo from

Grave of Sylvia Johnson.
Eagles Cemetery, Douglas.
See full size. From
See also photo from


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