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My ancestors - Champernowne - Contents


Sir John Champernowne [or Camperon],
of Dartington, Devon,
mar Margaret Courtenay [descendant of Edward I],
he died 30 Apr 1503,
had issue:

  1. Sir Philip Champernowne,
    of Modbury, Devon,
    mar Katherine Carew [descendant of Edward I],
    he died 2 Aug 1545,
    had issue:

    1. Catherine Champernowne,
      or Catharine, born 1519,
      mar 1stly to Otto Gilbert and had issue:

      1. Sir Humphrey Gilbert (and here), adventurer and explorer.

      Catherine mar 2ndly to Sir Walter Ralegh and had issue:

      1. Sir Walter Raleigh (see here), or Ralegh, born 1552.
        Fought for the crown against the Second Desmond Rebellion in Ireland, 1579 to 1583.
        He mar 1591 to Bessy Throckmorton [born 1565] and had issue.
        He posed the mathematical problem now known as Kepler's conjecture.
        In his History of the World he was a pioneer in dating the world according to evidence rather than mythology.
        He wrote in favour of free trade, low customs duties, low protectionism. He was an early advocate of globalisation - that self-sufficiency might make a country less, not more, prosperous.
        He was executed 1618, age 66 yrs.
        Bessy died 1647, age 82 yrs.

  2. Joan Champernowne (see here and here),
    mar 1525 to Sir Anthony Denny, Knt [born 1501] and had issue.

Joan Champernowne and Sir Anthony Denny mentioned on the tomb of their son Sir Edward Denny in Waltham Abbey, Essex.


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