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My ancestors - Flanagan - Contents



Frank Meagher (born 1874).
See larger and full size.
From Robert B. Saunders.

Michael Meagher,
born 1842,
prosperous Catholic merchant, of Clonmel, Co.Tipperary (on border with Co.Waterford),
living Main St, Clonmel, at mar,
mar 1872 to Emily Power [born 1851],
her father was a prosperous corn-broker and merchant in Clonmel,
her family home was Suir View, Clonmel,

Michael and Emily lived at Suir View,
son Frank born at Suir View 1874,
Michael is listed as "shop keeper", living Suir View, at son Albert's birth 1877,
he was a flour and meal merchant at Bridge St and O'Connell St, Clonmel,
they are listed at Kilmacomma, Co.Waterford (Suir View) in [Census, 1901], he is "shop keeper", they have one farm labourer living with them,
they are listed at Kilmacomma, Co.Waterford (Suir View) in [Census, 1911], he is a "retired farmer", Frank and his wife Agnes are living with them, they have one domestic servant living with them, Agnes' sister Mary is visiting,
Michael died 1917, age 75 yrs, see newspaper item,
Emily died 1931, age 80 yrs, see newspaper item,
had issue:

  1. Frank Meagher,
    Francis Gerald Meagher,
    born 14 June 1874, Suir View,
    bapt 16 June 1874 [St Mary's, Clonmel],
    see notice in Nenagh Guardian, June 17, 1874.

    Frank mar 1906 to Agnes Flanagan [born 18 Jan 1882].
    He was a commercial traveller with big hardware company.
    They lived "The Hill" (Suir View), Clonmel, with his parents.
    They are listed at Suir View in 1911 census, living with his parents, he is "commercial traveller - hardware".
    Frank's father died 1917.
    Frank is listed as "civil servant" at his wife's death 1929, living "The Hill".
    Agnes died of TB, 22 Sept 1929, age 47 yrs, at her unmarried sisters' house, 32 Upper Fitzwilliam St, Dublin [GROI],
    bur in her father's grave at Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.

    Frank's mother died 15 October 1931, and he seems to have then sold Suir View.
    On 27 Nov 1931 he held a clearance sale of goods pertaining to "The Hill", Clonmel.
    At his sister's death 1944, a newspaper item says Frank is "a well-known Clonmel man, who occupies a key post in an important Galway industrial concern".
    He later lived at Crosspatrick, near Johnstown, Co.Kilkenny (see map).
    He died at his home in Crosspatrick on 27 October 1951, age 77 yrs, see newspaper item.
    He was bur at Kilcash Cemetery, Kilcash, NE of Clonmel (where his parents are buried, would be the Catholic church, see map and street view).
    Frank and Agnes had issue:

    1. Eithne Meagher,
      born 1910, Co.Tipperary,
      living "The Hill" (Suir View), Clonmel, as at 1930,
      see letter (and p.2) from her to Jim Flanagan, Jan 1930, "We are very lonely without Mother",
      she fl at father's death 1951.

      She might be the same as:

      Eithne Agnes Meagher,
      described at death as "Eithne Agnes Mannin otherwise Meagher",
      born 1 Jan 1910, "Southern Ireland",
      described at death as "kennel-maid" (female employee in dog kennels),
      lived 8 May Terrace, Lipson, Plymouth (see map),
      died 14 Feb 1984, Mount Gould Hospital, Plymouth (see map), age 74,
      see death cert in [GRO.UK].

  2. Albert Patrick Meagher,
    born 1877, Suir View, see birth cert,
    emigrated to Australia in 1899.

Power listed at "Suir View Cottage", Clonmel, in 1848.
From Limerick Chronicle, 19 Feb 1848.
From here.

Michael Meagher listed in Clonmel in [Slater's, 1881, p.42].

Michael Meagher listed in Clonmel in [Slater's, 1894, p.176].


Suir View, Clonmel

Suir View, or Suirview, also called "The Hill", is in Kilmacomma townland, just outside Clonmel, Co.Tipperary.
Suir View is actually in Co.Waterford, across the far side of the River Suir from Clonmel, which is in Co.Tipperary.


Suir View, Clonmel, on 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern map and modern map.

Suir View, Clonmel.
From Robert B. Saunders.

Address given on 1930 letter.


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