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My wife's ancestors - Gibbon - Contents

Ellengowan, Aberdeen

or "Ellangowan".

Ellengowan is on the NE side of Derncleugh and Sunnyside, on the SW side of Aberdeen.
On the modern map this is at the corner of the roads on the NE side of Sunnyside Dairy, to the NW of Cults. See map.

Old maps (official spelling) have it as "Ellengowan".
But the Gibbons spelt it "Ellangowan" in:

  1. The old house sign.
  2. The poem of 1849.
  3. The Gibbon entries in [Aberdeen Directory].

Photo 2008. Taken from the road junction (NE side).
See larger and full size.
See similar shot.

Ellengowan was built c.1835.
The unmarried sisters the "Misses Gibbon" are listed as living here in [Aberdeen Directory] 1845-46 to 1850-51.
It is listed as "Ellangowan cottage, Pitfoddels" [Hill of Pitfoddels is nearby].
Their brother Arthur Gibbon wrote the poem of 1849 from here.
But think he was only visiting, did not live here.

It is now a listed building, see entry.

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From Google Maps.

Photo 2008. Taken from the S lawn.
See larger and full size.

The old house sign says "Ellangowan".
Photo 2008.
Light adjusted. See larger and original.

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