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My wife's ancestors - Gibbon - Contents

  The Gibbon arms

Gibbon of Rolvenden, Kent (Gibbon the Blue Mantle, granted arms 1629)

Gibbon of Westcliffe, Kent (Gibbon the historian)

Gibbon of Dorset (granted arms 1681)

Our family (Gibbon of Aberdeen)

Gibbon of Aberdeen, Scotland

The Gibbon arms

The Gibbon arms (with three scallop shells) were granted to Gibbon of Rolvenden in 1629.
Our family, Gibbon of Aberdeenshire, focused on the grant of arms to Gibbon of Dorset in 1681.
But these are only one Gibbon family to whom the arms (or similar) were granted.

The motto used by Gibbon of Aberdeenshire is "Per Mare et Terras" ("By sea and land").
I am not sure if this motto was invented for Gibbon of Aberdeenshire in the 19th century, or is older.

The Gibbon coat of arms. On paper.
See larger and full size.
See other version.

The Gibbon coat of arms.
On stained glass painted for Arthur Augustus Gibbon by "Herr Ziebert" in 1881.
See larger and full size.
See other shot.

Arms of Thomas Gibbons, dated 1660.
Christow church, Devon.
From Christine Gibbins.

Gibbon of Rolvenden, Kent (Gibbon the Blue Mantle, granted arms 1629)

Gibbon of Rolvenden, nr Tenterden, SC Kent (there since at least 14th cent.),
were granted the Gibbon arms 1629.
Of this family is:

Gibbon of Westcliffe, Kent (Gibbon the historian)

It is not proven that Gibbon of Westcliffe, Kent (the family of Gibbon the historian) is connected to Gibbon of Rolvenden, Kent, above:

This family starts with:

Thomas Gibbon,
of Westcliffe, nr Dover, E Kent,
said to be a descendant of Gibbon of Rolvenden, Kent,
bur Westcliffe, 15 Jan 1596 [using [NJ] date format, note that at the time this was regarded as the end of 1595],
had issue:

Philip Gibbon,
mar 1585 to Elizabeth Philpot [born 1567],
he was bur 24 Aug 1629, Westcliffe,
she was bur 16 Sep 1647, age 80 yrs,
had issue:

Thomas Gibbon, born 1590,
mar 2ndly to Alice Selhurst,
purchased the Manor of Kingston, E Kent, 1647,
sold Westcliffe in 1660,
he was bur 19 Nov 1671, Westcliffe, age 81 yrs,
had issue by 2nd wife:

  1. Edward Gibbon, bapt 19 Nov 1637, Westcliffe, had issue:

    1. Jane Gibbon, mar John Brydges and had issue,
      ancestors of:

      1. Sir Samuel Egerton Brydges, 1st Baronet, born 1762,
        genealogist, author of [Brydges, 1788],
        died 1837, age 75 yrs.

  2. Matthew Gibbon,
    bapt Westcliffe, 23 Feb 1642 [using [NJ] date format, note that at the time this was regarded as the end of 1641],
    went to London, became prosperous London linen draper, lived Putney,
    Common Councilman of London,
    mar 17 Oct 1667 to Hester Abrahall,
    he died before Oct 1698,
    had issue:

    1. Capt. Edward Gibbon, born 1675, NOT 1666,
      mar Catherine Acton,
      linen draper, made fortune as army contractor,
      lost it all in the "South Sea Bubble" financial crash 1720, he was one of the 20 directors of the South Sea Company when the Bubble burst in 1720,
      "his fortune was overwhelmed in the shipwreck of the year twenty, and the labours of thirty years were blasted in a single day" [DNB],
      inventories of the directors' houses have been published, according to the inventory he was worth over £112,000 in 1720, he was living at Crosby Square, Bishopsgate St, London,
      see [DNB] and [Lowe, 1995] and [Lewis, 1998],
      he recovered after and died wealthy,
      died Dec 1736, age 61 yrs,
      had issue:

      1. Edward Gibbon, MP, born Oct 1707,
        "a country gentleman",
        mar 1stly to Judith Porten,
        he died 12 Nov 1770, age 63 yrs,
        had issue by 1st wife:

        1. Edward Gibbon, the historian,
          born 27th Apr 1737, Lime Grove, Putney, London,
          [using [NJ] format, 8th May in [G] format, NOT Mar].

Gibbon of Dorset (granted arms 1681)

Gibbon of Dorset are not proven relations of Gibbon of Rolvenden, but they received a grant of the Gibbon arms in 1681. The grant was approved by John Gibbon of the College of Arms. There is no proof they are related. There is only the following:
  1. John Gibbon of the College of Arms uses the same arms.
  2. The grant of arms to John Gibbon is approved by "my cozen John Gibbon".

Of the family of Dorset:

Nicholas Gibbon, clergyman,
of Heckford, Dorset [unidentified],
had issue:

  1. John Gibbon,
    born est c.1605,
    secretary to Richard Weston, 1st Earl of Portland in the 1628-33 period - his master is described as "Lord Weston (afterwards Earl of Portland)",
    he was granted the Gibbon arms by the College of Arms, entered 27th June 1681,
    a note says "Probably for his post under Charles II".

  2. Dr. Nicholas Gibbon,
    Church of England clergyman and writer,
    born Poole, Dorset, 1605.

Our family (Gibbon of Aberdeen)

There is no proof that our family is connected to any of the Gibbon families of England above.
There is only the following:

Our Gibbon line starts in Aberdeenshire, with:

Echt, Aberdeenshire.
Photo 1998.
See larger and full size.
See modern street view.

Miscellaneous Gibbons in Aberdeenshire area

Lewis Grassic Gibbon

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