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My ancestors - Humphrys - Contents

Miscellaneous Humphrys and Humphreys

Cromwellian settlers









Vicars' index of wills

All entries for Humphrys (and variants) in [Vicars' index of wills 1536-1810].
All of these wills were burnt in 1922.


Humphrystown, Co.Wicklow

Humphrystown (also called "Humphreystown"), Boystown par, Co.Wicklow (S side of Poulaphouca Reservoir, opposite Valleymount).

If (as one assumes) there once was a Humphrys (or variant spelling) family at this place, they were gone long before 1750 and never returned.
Note in Vicars' index of wills above there is a "Humfrey" family found in the 18th century at Donard, Co.Wicklow, a bit to the S (see modern map and old map).


Gilbert, not Humphrys, is found at Humphrystown in [Vicars' index of wills].
William Gilbert is found at "Humphreystown" before 1735.
Humphrystown House was built c.1750.

Humphrystown House, Humphrystown, on 1829 to 1842 map.

BOYSTOWN in [Lewis, 1837] shows W. Cotton at "Humphreystown".
Leinster Express, March 13, 1858, shows William Simmons holding auction of his effects at "Humphreystown House" since he is moving to England.

Humphrystown House.
Photo 2002. From Geograph.
Humphrystown House was a youth hostel in 20th century.

Humphrystown House.
From NIAH.
See more pictures.

Humphrystown House is now Church at HH, a Christian community.
See modern street view (and gate).


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