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Or Pyatt. Pronounced "Pie-at".

Memorial in Fort Recovery, Ohio, to the dead of St. Clair's Defeat (1791).
It lists Capt. Piatt (see top RHS).
See full size. From here.

Jacob Piatt, born 1678,
mar Mary Hull [descendant of Henry II],
had issue:

John Piatt, born 1710,
had issue:

William Piatt, born 1743,
died 1791 in St. Clair's Defeat (the greatest victory ever by Native Americans over the US Army),
had issue:

John James Piatt, born 1779,
had issue:

John Bear Piatt, born 1805,
had issue:

John James Piatt (and search), born 1835,
mar Sarah Bryan (and search),
she is the poet Sarah Piatt,
he was U.S. Consul at Cork, Ireland, 1882-93 (when Ireland part of UK),
had issue:

  1. Arthur Donn Piatt,
    NOT "Don",
    born 1867, Georgetown, Washington DC,
    he was US Vice-Consul in Ireland (this is NOT confusion with his father),
    mar 1901 to Hester Sigerson [born 1870 or 1871],
    census 1911 lists him as "American Vice and Deputy Consul" (when Ireland part of UK),
    Hester was a poet, wrote as "Hester Sigerson" or "Hester Sigerson-Piatt", listed as "journalist" in 1911 census,
    see entry in [Census, 1911], under religion she is listed as "Catholic", he is "Information refused",
    Arthur died 1914, Dublin, age 47 yrs,

    Hester stayed in Ireland,
    she was member of Cumann na mBan from 1919,
    she corresponded with Annie Kickham Cleary, she was author of the Kickham memoir [Sigerson, 1933],
    she attended Nell's funeral Sat 10th June 1939,
    and died only days later, Fri 16th June 1939, age 68 or 69 yrs, at her daughter's house in Mount Merrion,
    see death notice, Weekly Irish Times, 24 June 1939,
    had issue:

    1. Eibhlín Sigerson Piatt,
      Eibhlín Hester Sigerson Piatt, born 30th Sept 1911,
      NOT Evelyn,
      mar 1934 to Emmet Humphreys [born 3rd Oct 1902] and had issue.

The Royal Descent of Eibhlín Sigerson Piatt

Eibhlín Humphreys (nee Sigerson Piatt) was my grand-aunt. I knew her, and talked to her about the family tree before she died in 1986. Many years later, I discovered she had a Royal Descent.

Descent from Henry III (disproved):

Descent from Henry II (proved):

Henry II
William Longespee
Stephen Longespee
Ela Longespee                                             
Alan La Zouche                                             
Maud La Zouche                                             
Elizabeth Holand                                             
John FitzRoger                                             
Elizabeth FitzRoger                                             
Hugh Stukeley                                             
Nicholas Stukeley                                             
Sir Thomas Stukeley                                             
Margery Stukeley                                             
Anne Farringdon                                             
Grace Dowrish                                             
Mary Gye == Rev. John Maverick                               
Abigail Maverick == John Manning
Jeffrey Manning
Mary Manning == Samuel Hull
Mary Hull == Jacob Piatt
John Piatt
William Piatt
John James Piatt
John Bear Piatt
John James Piatt
Arthur Donn Piatt == Hester Sigerson
Eibhlin Sigerson Piatt == Emmet Humphreys
Dermot Humphreys

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