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Tim Lloyd

(Left) Tim Lloyd, from mass card. See full size.
(Right) Mary Kate O'Donnell.

Tim Lloyd,
born 5th Sept 1878, Caherline, Co.Limerick.
He was educ Crescent College, Limerick, 1893-94.

Limerick GAA hurler:
Tim was a prominent Co.Limerick GAA hurler.
He first played for Caherline hurling team 1896. Caherline won the Limerick county championship that year, though Tim did not play in the final.
He did NOT play in the team that won Limerick's first All-Ireland hurling title in 1897.
He played for Caherline in final of Limerick county championship, 1898 (NOT 1899). They lost under disputed circumstances.
He first played for Limerick county in 1898.
He played for the Limerick team that won the All-Ireland final of the Croke Cup (the major alternative to the championship) in 1898 (NOT 1899). He was NOT captain.
He is listed at home in Caherline in [Census, 31 Mar 1901].

He went to the US. He worked on paddle steamers on the Mississippi River.
He must be "Timothy Lloyd" who arrived at Ellis Island, NY, 14 Apr 1901, having sailed on the Umbria from Queenstown. He is described as age 22, labourer, last residence Limerick, never in US before. Going to house of his "cousin" Dan Riordan (unidentified), 307 Spring St, New York.
He inherited Caherline House.
Story is that elder brother was to get the farm at Caherline, but died, and Tim inherited Caherline instead, came back to Ireland.
He must have come back immediately since he is hurling again in Ireland in 1902.

He was captain of the Limerick team that lost Munster final to Cork in 1902.
He was captain of Caherline team that won Bruff Senior Hurling Tournament Final 1902.
He captained the Limerick team that beat (the 1901 All-Ireland champions) London Irish at their grounds in Lea Bridge, London, 23 May 1904.
He captained the Caherline hurling team that won the Limerick county championship in 1905 (final actually played in Sept 1907) and 1907 (final actually played in Feb 1908).
He ran the farm at Caherline House, Caherline, Co.Limerick.
He is listed as farmer, living Caherline House as at mar.

He mar 1stly, Dublin, 7th Feb 1910 [GROI], see mar cert, to Mary Kate O'Donnell [born 10th May 1882].
She was born at Ballynulty, or Ballinulty, Emly district, Co.Tipperary, NOT Co.Limerick [GROI], see birth cert, dau of John O'Donnell, farmer, and Emma Ryan. John O'Donnell was illiterate.
She is listed as living Cullen, Co.Tipperary, at mar.
Tim is listed as "farmer" and "landholder" and "gentleman farmer" at Caherline at children's births.
He is described as a Justice of the Peace at wife's death 1918.

Mary Kate dies, 1918:
Mary Kate died soon after birth of Louise, Fri 27 Dec 1918, Caherline House, age 36 yrs [GROI], see death cert.
She died of "influenza" and "pneumonia". This would be at time of Flu Epidemic of 1918-19.
See death notice in Limerick Leader, December 27, 1918.
See death notice in Irish Independent, December 28, 1918.
Funeral 29 Dec 1918.
Tim had issue by 1st wife:

  1. Jack Lloyd,
    John Gerard Lloyd, must be after grandfather,
    born 18th Jan 1912, Caherline [GROI],

  2. Emily Lloyd,
    Emma Christina, would be after grandmother Emma Ryan, always called "Emily",
    born 22nd Dec 1912, Caherline [GROI],
    was born in same year as her older brother,
    wit her aunt Mary's mar 1923,
    mar 19th Feb 1936, Sandymount church, to Joe Hughes [born 16th Dec 1913] and had issue.

  3. Claire Lloyd [Margaret Mary Claire, think NOT Clare],
    must be after grandmother,
    born 3 Feb 1915 in Caherline [GROI].

  4. Mary Lloyd [Mary Veronica],
    born 6 Aug 1916 in Caherline [GROI],
    mar pre-1941 to Paddy Kearns,
    they lived 47 Brighton Rd, Rathgar,
    she died 30 Jun 1945, 47 Brighton Rd, Rathgar [GROI], age 28 yrs, of TB,
    had issue:

    1. David Kearns, mar Geraldine ---- and had issue:
      1. Ralph Kearns.
      2. Lloyd Kearns.
      3. Shona Kearns.
      4. Barbara Kearns.

  5. Finbar Lloyd [James Finbar],
    born 10 Sep 1917 in Caherline [GROI].

  6. Louise Lloyd,
    Johanna Louise, Lou, born 16th Dec 1918, Caherline [GROI],
    mar Matthew Dempsey [Mat],
    she died 1981, age 63 yrs,
    had issue:

    1. Anthony Dempsey.
    2. Matthew Dempsey.
    3. Mary Dempsey.
    4. Elizabeth Dempsey.
    5. Judith Dempsey.
    6. Bernadette Dempsey.

Tim is described as farmer of Caherline House at 2nd mar.
He mar 2ndly, 10th Sept 1919, St.Nicholas' church, Francis St, The Liberties, Dublin [GROI], see mar cert,
to Kitty Guerin [Katherine, or Catherine], no issue.
She was dau of William Guerin, farmer, think NOT Guerian. She was living "Ballyphilip" at mar.
Marriage conducted by "John Coffey C.C." (probably his 2nd cousin Fr. John Coffey).
She possibly lived Phibsboro, N Dublin city, at some point. Must be before marriage if true. She was possibly housekeeper for Tim.

Sells Caherline, opens pubs in Dublin:
Tim sold Caherline House and farm. "all thought he was mad".
But he came up to Dublin, opened pubs, made a lot of money.
Note his father or brother previously had a pub in Dun Laoghaire, which his brother-in-law Jack Walters now had.
He was supposed to have sold Caherline 1922. Though first pub is listed in [Thoms] 1921 edn.
Tim's pubs were:

  • Lloyd's pub, 4 N Earl St (start of Talbot St, off O'Connell St).
    This was his main pub.
    Listed as Lloyd's pub in [Thom's] from 1921 to 1973 and beyond (still Lloyd's pub after his death).
    This was a brand new pub. 4 N Earl St is listed as "destroyed in rebellion" in [Thoms, 1920].
    This pub was known as "A1 at Lloyd's" (which is an older catchphrase originally derived from Lloyd's shipping in London).
    4 N Earl St is now Thomas Cook Travel Agents, on the S side of the street, NOT Kylemore Bakery.

  • Lloyd's pub, 47-48 Amiens St (corner of Buckingham St and Amiens St, N side of junction, opposite Connolly Station, see map).
    Listed as Lloyd's pub in [Thom's] from 1930 to 1946. New owner in 1947 edn.
    This is now Burke's pub ("Burkes of Amiens Street", 47-48 Amiens St).

  • Lloyd's pub, 46 Amiens St (opposite corner at same junction, S side of junction, corner of Foley St and Amiens St).
    Listed as Lloyd's pub in [Thom's] from 1937 to 1973 and beyond (still Lloyd's pub after his death).
    It was an existing pub opposite his pub at 47-48 Amiens St. He bought it, poss. 1935.
    Still exists, still called "Lloyds".

He was called "Boss Lloyd", or "The Boss".
He lived in big house, Riverside House, Herbert Rd, Sandymount, Co.Dublin. Listed there in [Thom's] at least 1929 to 1951.
He was at his uncle Mick's funeral 1934.
In 1940s his son Finbar bought Rosario, 6 Herbert Rd, Sandymount (just beside Riverside House).
At some point before 1951 he swapped houses with Finbar. He moved to Rosario. Finbar moved into Riverside House.
He died 12th Dec 1951, Rosario, age 73 yrs. Mass card and grave say died 28th Dec.
He was bur with his father at Towerhill, Co.Limerick.

Kitty sold the pubs after he died, but the name "Lloyd's" survived.
Their son Finbar died Riverside House 1953.
Riverside House sold shortly after.
Kitty died 14th Feb 1954, Rosario.

Tim Lloyd (on RHS).
Dublin, c.1920s.
Poss. relation on LHS. Poss. a doctor.

Kitty Guerin, from mass card.
See full size.

Mary Lloyd, from mass card (died 1945).
See full size.

Lloyds pubs, Dublin

Lloyd's pub, 46 Amiens St, Dublin.
Photo 2009.
Dublin flags.
See larger and full size.
See other shot.

Burke's pub (formerly Lloyd's pub), 47-48 Amiens St, Dublin.
Photo 2009.
See larger and full size.

307 Spring St, New York

307 Spring St, lower Manhattan, New York City, is the address "Timothy Lloyd" (probably our Tim) was going to when he went to America in 1901.
This might not be particularly relevant. It is just interesting that it survives today.
Now "Giorgione" bar and restaurant.
See map and street view.

307 Spring St, New York.
See full size and alternate shot.
Photos 2007 by David Lloyd.

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