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My ancestors - Kickham - Contents



Kilknockan, Rathcool par (left) and Knockelly, Peppardstown par (right) are neighbouring townlands, N and NE of Fethard.
From 1829 to 1842 map.

Thomas Crean,
born 1738,
of Gurtskaugh (or Gortskaugh, or Bushypark, or Bushy Park), part of Knockelly, or Knockkelly, Peppardstown par, NE of Fethard, Co.Tipperary.
He mar Mary Leahy.
Thomas owned a lot of property in Fethard town.
He died 15 Apr 1834, age 96 yrs.
Thomas and Mary had issue:

  1. Ellen Crean,
    mar Patrick Quin and had issue.
    Ancestors of Mary Quinn.

  2. Richard Crean,
    born 1788 or 1790, at Gurtskaugh.
    He was farmer, of Knockelly, or Knockkelly, Peppardstown par, NE of Fethard, Co.Tipperary.
    He was also of Kilknockan, Rathcool par, N of Fethard (right beside Knockelly).

    He mar c.1832 to Ellen Kickham [born 1812].
    She was dau of his neighbour James Kickham of Knockelly Castle.
    Richard lived at Knockelly from at least son's baptism 1834 to death 1876.
    His father died Apr 1834. [Cusack] says he inherited his father's property.
    Listed as gentleman farmer, alive, at son Thomas' mar 1871.

    [Cusack] says he was the model for "Maurice Kearney" in Knocknagow (1873) and his wife was the model for Mrs. Kearney.
    However other sources say the model was Thomas Kickham and his wife Mary Mahony.
    Richard is listed as farmer, Knockelly, at dau's mar 1875.
    He is listed as of Knockelly at death.

    Richard died at Knockelly, 27 Dec 1876 [grave, newspapers], age 88 yrs [death cert] or age 86 [newspapers].
    (todo) See death of Richard Crean, [GROI], Cashel, 1877, age 88, 1st qr, vol 3 p 379.
    See death notice in Nenagh Guardian, December 30, 1876.
    See death notice in Freemans Journal, December 30, 1876.
    See death notice in Cork Examiner, January 1, 1877.
    He was bur at parish church, Fethard. See inscription.
    Richard is listed as "farmer" (deceased) at daughters' marriages 1882.

    Ellen is Ellen Crean, "widow of a gentleman farmer", who died 7 Nov 1888, age 76 yrs, at Kilknockan.
    See death cert from here.
    She was bur at parish church, Fethard.
    She is NOT the Ellen Crean who died Fethard, 1889, age 84. This is a spinster.
    Richard and Ellen had issue:

    1. Dr. Thomas Crean,
      Dr. Thomas Joseph Crean, Sr.,
      born Peppardstown par, 1 Apr 1834, mother age 22,
      bapt Tom, 3 Apr 1834 [Fethard RC par records], sp Mary Kickham, see image from here.

    2. Mary Crean,
      Mary C. Crean,
      bapt 6 Mar 1836 [Fethard RC par records], sp Alice Kickham, see image from here.
      Living Knockelly at mar.
      She mar 8 Feb 1875, Fethard RC church, to Thomas Cleary [born 1835, son of Thomas Cleary, farmer].
      Thomas is listed at mar as farmer, living at Prospect. This would be Prospect, Rathcool par (W of Fethard, see old map).
      See mar cert from here. Mar wit by John A. Crean and Katty Crean.
      [Cusack] has more information cut off. Think they went to USA.

    3. Michael Theobald Crean,
      Michael Crean,
      born 25 Apr 1838, Co.Tipperary, probably at Knockelly,
      bapt 27 Apr 1838 [Fethard RC par records], see image from here.

    4. James Crean,
      bapt 27 Oct 1840 [Fethard RC par records], see image from here.
      Died unmarried.
      [Cusack] has more information cut off.

    5. Maggie Crean,
      Margaret, born 24 Apr 1843, Knockelly,
      bapt 24 Apr 1843 [Fethard RC par records], see image from here.
      Registered mother's death 1888. Unmarried, living Kilknockan.
      Died unmarried at Killaghy (must be Killaghy near Mullinahone).

    6. Richard Crean,
      born Knockelly, 3 Dec 1845,
      bapt 3 Dec 1845 [Fethard RC par records].
      See bapt image from here.
      He is farmer, of Knockelly, at mar.
      He mar 16 November 1880, Ballingarry, Co.Tipperary, to Catherine Britt [or Brett].
      See illegible mar cert from here.
      He inherited his father's farms at Knockelly and Kilknockan.
      He died 1927, age 82 yrs.
      [Cusack] has more information cut off. Think it says he lost his property gradually, and died fairly poor in a cottage near Cramps Castle, NE side of Fethard.
      Richard and Catherine had issue:

      1. Millie Crean.
      2. Kate Crean.
      3. Margaret Crean.
        [Cusack] has more information cut off.

    7. John Crean,
      John Aloysius Crean,
      born 4 June 1848, Knockelly,
      bapt 4 June 1848 [Fethard RC par records], see image from here.
      NOT a barrister/solicitor. This is confusion with his brother Michael and nephew John.
      [Cusack] says he was in the "Australian Mounted Yeomanry". It is unclear what this refers to. There were various WWI-era units but this would be an earlier era.
      He was later in the South African Mounted Police.
      He died at Johannesburg, 1936, age 88 yrs.
      He mar and had issue.

    8. Dr. William Crean,
      William H. Crean, born 21 May 1851, Knockelly,
      bapt 21 May 1851 [Fethard RC par records], see image from here.
      Listed at mar as M.D., living Fethard.
      He mar 9 November 1886, Pro-Cathedral, Dublin, to Mary Carey.
      See mar cert from here. Mar wit by Kathleen Hurley.
      [Cusack] says she was of Youghal, but mar cert says she was living Co.Wicklow.
      He was medical officer at Ring, Dungarvan, Co.Waterford, for 20 yrs before his death (i.e. 1898-1918).
      He died at Ring, 9 July 1918 [grave], age 67 yrs.
      He was bur Fethard church. See inscription.
      They had "no issue surviving".

    9. Anna Crean,
      Anna Maria Crean, born 10 June 1853, Knockelly,
      bapt 10 June 1853 [Fethard RC par records], see image from here.
      She mar 13 September 1882 [SS Peter & Paul Parish, Clonmel] to Thomas Naughton and had issue.
      See mar cert from here. Mar wit by Richard J. Crean and Mary Crean.

    10. Kathleen Crean,
      Catherine in bapt and mar cert, Kathleen in census, [Cusack] says "Katty",
      born Knockelly, 20 May 1856 [Cusack], mother age 44,
      bapt "Catherine Magdalen Crean", 20 May 1856 [Fethard RC par records], see image from here,
      bapt sp by Edmund Heffernan and Bridget Mockler.
      Living Fethard at mar.
      She mar 6 June 1882, Latten RC church, Co.Tipperary, to James Hurley and had issue.
      See mar cert from here.


Baptism of Thomas Crean, 3 Apr 1834.

Baptism of Catherine Crean (Kathleen), 20 May 1856.


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