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My ancestors - Kickham - Contents

Edward Kickham, of Kilvemnon

Edward Kickham, of Kilvemnon, born 1808,
Edward on grave, also known as Ned or Edmond,
of Kilvemnon, Kilvemnon par, Co.Tipperary,
mar Mary Hawe [born 1809],
Elected Guardian of Callan Union for over 40 years,
[House Book for Kilvemnon parish, 1846] lists Edmond Kickham at plot 23, Kilvemnon,
"Edmund Kickham" is listed in [Griffiths Valuation, 1850] at Kilvemnon, occupying 45 acres (with a house), leased from landlord George M. Foster,
"Edmond Kickham" of Kilvemnon registered his mother Johanna's death 1866 [GROI],
Mary died 3rd Jan 1894, age 85 yrs [grave, Kilvemnon], think NOT 83 yrs,
he died 12th Feb 1902, age 94 yrs [grave, Kilvemnon],
had issue:

  1. Catherine Kickham, born 1843,
    died 22nd Apr 1917, age 74 yrs [grave, Kilvemnon].

  2. Laurence Kickham,
    born 1844 or 1845, must be named after grandfather, eldest son,
    of Kilmurry Lodge, Ballyneale, Co.Tipperary,
    didn't marry, listed as "farmer" at death,
    died Kilmurry, 4th Apr 1917, age 73 yrs [GROI] or 72 yrs [grave, Kilvemnon].

  3. Charles Kickham, born 1849,
    died 23rd Aug 1894, age 45 yrs [grave, Kilvemnon].

  4. Johanna Kickham, must be named after grandmother,
    mar James Phelan and had issue:

    1. Edward Phelan, named after grandfather Edward Kickham.

    2. Laurence Phelan [Laurence family name], had issue:

      1. Martin Phelan,
        mar Mary Quinn,
        had issue:

        1. Eily Phelan,
          mar Gerard Moylan,
          she is researching family tree.

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