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My wife's ancestors - Leslie - Contents

Leslie of Aberdeen, Scotland

Family of George Leslie, Provost of Aberdeen

The family of George Leslie, Provost of Aberdeen, is apparently our line. See below.


William Leslie,
mar --- Duncan,
had issue:
  1. John Leslie, eldest son,
    merchant in Aberdeen,
    died Danzig, Poland.

  2. George Leslie, 2nd son,
    mar pre-1648 to Christian Walker [sister of Alexander Walker, Provost of Aberdeen 1697-98],
    George was Provost of Aberdeen 1685-87 (immediately after Sir George Skene),
    he died Jan 1692,
    Christian fl 1694,
    had issue:

    1. Sarah Leslie, bapt 20 Mar 1651,
      mar pre-1673 to Robert Cruickshank [born 1623 according to age given at death],
      he was Provost of Aberdeen 1693-96,
      she died 1 Jan 1716, age 64 yrs,
      he died 3 May 1717, age said to be 94 yrs,
      both bur St.Nicholas' churchyard, Aberdeen.

    2. John Leslie, bapt 2 Apr 1654,
      member of Aberdeen Council,
      [Munro, 1897] says he is probably the John Leslie who married Barbara Ædie. See below.

Signature of George Leslie, Provost of Aberdeen 1685-87.
From p.184 of [Munro, 1897].


Our line


Page 184 of [Munro, 1897] lists the issue of George Leslie, Provost of Aberdeen.
This says that the above John Leslie (bapt 1654) is probably our John Leslie below (who married Barbara Ædie).
If so, he would then be fathering children from age 43 to 69.
Not impossible, but this link perhaps needs more evidence.

Our line starts as follows:

John Leslie,
Baillie (city official) of Aberdeen,
"one of the senior magistrates of Aberdeen" [Barbara Yates Gibbon],
mar 1st Mar 1697 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen] to Barbara Ædie [bapt 1678, descendant of Leslie, Baron of Balquhain and of Robert III, King of Scotland and of Henry I],
she is however listed as "Jean" Ædie in mar record,
had issue:

  1. Norman Leslie, bapt 21st Nov 1697 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
  2. George Leslie, bapt 10th Nov 1700 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
  3. Katherin Leslie, bapt 18th Dec 1703 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
  4. David Leslie, bapt 4th Apr 1706 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
  5. Helen Leslie, bapt 20th June 1708 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
  6. Margaret Leslie, bapt 28th Feb 1712 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
  7. Mary Leslie, bapt 5th June 1715 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
  8. Alexander Leslie, bapt 26th Mar 1718 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

  9. Elizabeth Leslie,
    bapt 10th Mar 1723 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen],
    mar 1748 to Alexander Yeats and had issue.

  10. "Anna" Leslie, is listed by [Barbara Yates Gibbon].

Lost portrait

[PORTRAIT of John Leslie, Baillie of Aberdeen, who mar Barbara Ædie]
was in Gibbon family home in Aberdeen as at 1871.

Section of Barbara Yates Gibbon notes, 1872 about lost portrait of John Leslie, and other lost portraits.


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