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My wife's ancestors - Maltass - Contents

Edward Whittall

Edward Whittall.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.

Edward Whittall (see here), born 1851,
of C. Whittall and Co., Smyrna, lived Bornova,
mar 14th Apr 1875, Smyrna, to Mary Maltass,
a keen botanist, collector and cultivator of wild flowers of Asia Minor, discoverer of several new species which are named after him,
"ran a fig and currant export business from Izmir" [see review of Chelsea flower show in Evening Standard, 18th May 1999],
bought an old house in Bornova, which became known as The Edward Whittall House, built up its magnificent garden, lived there until he died 1917,
he is the "Mr. Whittall" who entertained the Prince of Wales (later George V) at his house in Bornova in 1886, see [Kalcas, 1983],
he died 1917,
had issue:

  1. Edgar Arthur Whittall, think Arthur, born 1877, Smyrna,
    mar 1899 to Hilda Blanche La Fontaine [born 1880] and had issue.

  2. Albert James Whittall, born 1879, Smyrna.
  3. Elsie Whittall, born 1880, Smyrna.

  4. Ray Whittall [Rachel], born 1881, Smyrna,
    mar Emile Tissot and had issue:

    1. Denise Tissot, mar Frederick Richard De Cramer [born 1904].
    2. Marguerite Tissot [Margot], mar Eldon Giraud [born 1910] and had issue.

  5. Godfrey Whittall, born 1882, Smyrna, had issue:

    1. Rodney Whittall [Rodney Howard], mar his 1st cousin Edna Giraud and had issue:
      1. Anthony Whittall, had issue:
        1. James Whittall.
      2. Philip Whittall.

  6. Ruth Whittall, born 14th June 1884, Smyrna, twin,
    bought The Edward Whittall House in Bornova from rest of family after her father's death,
    mar Edmund Haydn Giraud and had issue.

  7. Jessie Whittall [Jessica Maud], born 14th June 1884, Smyrna, twin,
    mar Reginald Turrell [Reginald Edmund, born 19th Mar 1879],
    she died 31st -- 1928, age 44 yrs,
    he died 10th Apr 1933, age 54 yrs,
    had issue:

    1. Ray Frances Turrell [dau, must be Rachel, after her aunt Ray Whittall],
      mar Richard Alan Bell [born 18th Oct 1915, uncle of Don Montague, family tree researcher]
      and had issue [see BELL family tree by Don Montague at the WorldConnect project].

  8. Edward Sidney Whittall, born 5th May 1888, Smyrna,
    mar Dorothy Jane Peacock and had issue:
    1. Dulcie Mary Whittall, born 1st Sept 1915, Smyrna.

  9. Walter Whittall, born 1890, Smyrna.

The Edward Whittall House, Bornova

The Edward Whittall House, Bornova.
Called the "Godfrey Giraud House" in [Kalcas, 1983].

The Edward Whittall House, 1950s.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.

The Edward Whittall House.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.

The Edward Whittall House.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.

The Edward Whittall House.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.

Letters and Diary of Gertrude Bell

Gertrude Bell, born 1868, traveller, diplomat and archaeologist, visited the Whittall family in Smyrna.

From The Gertrude Bell archive at the University of Newcastle.

Taxonomy of plants discovered by and named after Edward Whittall

Note the ending whittalli (with one "i") is sometimes used.

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