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My ancestors - McEllistrem - Contents

McEllistrem of Ballylongford, Co.Kerry

Universally spelt "McEllistrem" by the family in Ballylongford now, and they believe that is what was on the old shop door in Ballylongford (demolished 1957). They say it was NOT "Mac", always "Mc".
Other branches in Co.Kerry spell it "McEllistrim". Think "McEllistrim" is how The O'Rahilly spelt it in his son's middle name. Spelt this way in [Bourke, 1967].
"Mac Ellestrem" is on Richard's tomb at Lislaughtin Abbey in 1848 - the only contemporary record that we have from the family themselves.

Grave of Richard Mac Ellestrem, Lislaughtin Abbey.
See full size.
See also alternative shot and alternative shot (these two photos courtesy of Richard Humphreys).
Photos 2006.

McEllistrem (and many spelling variations) is thought to be a Norman family in Co.Kerry, adopting a Gaelic-style surname.
There was a "Castle MacEllistrum" in Tralee. These MacEllistrums were dispossessed of the castle in 1579-1604 [King].

[Mary Barrett, née Patt] said about our line: "the Mc Carthys, Mac Ellestrems and Scollards are all from Ardfert", Ardfert par, just NW of Tralee, Co.Kerry.
Who are the Scollards?

The McEllistrems of Ballylongford thought that the family of Tralee (presumably the family of Castle MacEllistrum) was the ancestor of 3 branches:

  1. McEllistrem of Ballylongford.
  2. "McEllistrim" of Ballyduff, Rattoo par, SW of Ballylongford, NW Co.Kerry.
  3. "McEllistrim" of Ballymacelligott, Ballymacelligott par, just E of Tralee.
The name "Richard" is found in different branches in Co.Kerry (see below). This might indicate that "Richard" in the family goes back to a common ancestor in the earlier 18th cent or even 17th cent.
The Ballylongford line begins with:

Richard McEllistrem,
or possibly Mac Ellestrem,
of Ballylongford, Co.Kerry,
poss. originally of Ardfert, nr Tralee, Co.Kerry,
born est c.1780,
mar Mary Mc Carthy, of Ardfert, nr Tralee,
ran big business, Main St, Ballylongford, Co.Kerry,
shipping agents and general store,
"Richard McElistrem" is listed with 11 acres at Ballymacasy townland (Ballylongford), Aghavallen par, in [Tithe Survey, 1824],
he was supposed to have run post office at Ballylongford,
though "Scanlan" is listed as postmaster at Ballylongford in 1825-26 and 1826-27,
he did not approve of dau Margaret marrying Rahilly in probably 1836,
all the business (including ultimately the post office) went with Margaret to Rahilly's shop,
note chart of their descendants in [Family tree by Mary Ann Hagen] is inaccurate,
had issue:

  1. Richard Mac Ellestrem, born 1805,
    spelt "Mac Ellestrem" on tomb,
    Mary Barrett (née Patt), writing to The O'Rahilly, described him as "your esteemed grand uncle",
    he would be "Richard McEllistrim" who sp the bapt of his nephew Richard Rahilly 1839,
    died 10th Aug 1848, age 43 yrs,
    bur impressive tomb, Lislaughtin Abbey, nr Ballylongford, a big vault, standing on its own,
    on which is written "In life esteemed and beloved. In death deeply and universally deplored.",
    [Family tree by Mary Ann Hagen] shows him with issue, but these are the issue of his brother Thomas.

  2. Thomas McEllistrem, born est c.1810.

  3. Margaret McEllistrem, born 1812, Ballylongford,
    note the connection of the Rahillys to the parish priest was through O'Sullivan, NOT through McEllistrem,
    her family didn't want her to marry him,
    they "eloped" to marry in Limerick,
    but returned to Ballylongford and set up shop (i.e. continued Rahilly family business),
    mar not found in initial search of Limerick par records,
    NOT the mar of Michael Rahilly in 1838 in Shanagolden, Co.Limerick (that is to Catherine Costello),
    mar must be 1836, Limerick, to Michael Joseph Rahilly and had issue.

"Richard McElistrem" listed at Ballylongford in [Tithe Survey, 1824].

Close-up of grave of Richard Mac Ellestrem, Lislaughtin Abbey.
Photo 2006. See full size.

Must be related:

McEllistrim of Ballyduff

"McEllistrim" of Ballyduff, Rattoo par, SW of Ballylongford, NW Co.Kerry.

McEllistrim of Ballymacelligott

"McEllistrim" of Ballymacelligott, Ballymacelligott par, just E of Tralee:
This is the political family. Supposedly distant relations, but no proven connection.
They turned up at the unveiling of the plaque to The O'Rahilly in Ballylongford in 1966:

McEllistrem (and other spellings) of Co.Kerry


Wonder if some relation of Mary Mc Carthy:

Monument to Fr. Dan McCarthy (died 1859), St.Mary's church, Chapel St, Tarbert.
Photo 2013. See larger and full size.


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