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My ancestors - O'Mara - Contents

Marcus O'Sullivan

Marcus O'Sullivan.
Photo of the Directors of O'Mara's at O'Mara centenary dinner, 1939.
See larger and full size.

Marcus O'Sullivan,
born 17th Mar 1909,
educ Clongowes,
manager at the O'Mara's bacon factory in Limerick c. late 1930s,
mar Emily Cosgreave,
he was in Limerick temp 1938-40,
he was a Director of O'Mara's bacon company at time of O'Mara's centenary, 1939,
then ran the bacon factory in Claremorris, Co.Mayo, there as at 1942,
later had a farm and business at Rockville, Co.Roscommon, towards end of and just after WW2, there as at 1948,
c.1948 bought bacon factory, Dundalk,
children all born in Ireland,
emig to Canada 1952,
went to Red Deer, Alberta, Canada,
he drowned on Cold Lake, Saskatchewan province, Canada, afternoon/evening of 5th Aug 1954 in Canada (morning of 6th Aug in Ireland), age 45 yrs,
he was fishing with a friend in a canoe, friend couldn't swim, seems like friend fell in, and Marcus drowned trying to save him,
Emily mar 2ndly to Des Muldoon,
Marcus had issue by Emily:

  1. John O'Sullivan, researched family tree,
    mar Marguerita Tansey and had issue:
    1. Shane O'Sullivan, mar Maria Woywitka and had issue:
      1. Matthew O'Sullivan.
      2. Kalenna O'Sullivan.
    2. Owen O'Sullivan.
    3. Michael O'Sullivan.

  2. Oona O'Sullivan, mar Dale McKinstry and had issue.

  3. Moira O'Sullivan, mar Roy Sandberg and had issue:
    1. Paul Sandberg,
      mar 1stly to Melanie Jones,
      mar 2ndly to Shannon --- and had issue:
      1. Paul Sandberg.
    2. Cheryl Sandberg, mar Malcolm Fernandes and had issue:
      1. Cassidy Fernandes.
      2. Samantha Fernandes.
      3. Joshua Fernandes.
    3. Drina Sandberg, mar Michael Lazar.

  4. Ivel O'Sullivan, mar Neil Jaud and had issue:
    1. Tiegh O'Sullivan-Jaud.
  5. Marcus O'Sullivan, mar Karen Walker and had issue:
    1. Marcus O'Sullivan.
    2. Conor O'Sullivan.

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