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My ancestors - O'Rahilly - Contents

The 1727 Manuscript

The Kerry poet Aodhagán Ó Rathaille appears in a 1727 document among the papers of the 3rd Viscount Kenmare.

The Kenmare Papers are in the [PRO.NI], reference D/4151.
The poet appears in an Estate accounts book of 1724-27. Reference D/4151/R/1.

The cover of the Estate accounts book of 1724-27.
See larger and full size.

The page of accounts for 1727 on which the poet appears (at the bottom).
This is about half-way through the accounts book.
See larger and full size.

The entry for the poet is under Sept 1727 ("7ber").
"Paid Egan O'Rahilly when his only cow was appraised last winter, 1726, by James Curtaine. For composing songs for Master Thomas Browne and the rest of his Lordship's children, at John Rierdane's prayer and request - £1 10s. 0d."
"Master Thomas Browne" is the future 4th Viscount Kenmare (only a baby, born 1726).
Any other children would be under 7 (the 3rd Viscount married in 1720).
See larger and full size.

Close-up of the poet's name written in English in 1727.

Transcript in ["The Kenmare Manuscripts", p.271].
This is in the section "Part III. Estate Accounts. Accounts 1724-78."
This incorrectly says Aug 1727 (should be Sept 1727).
It also curiously inserts a phrase: "as per song appears as voucher".
See larger and full size.


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