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My ancestors - O'Rahilly - Contents

Daniel Rahilly, of Lisbaby Lower

Daniel Rahilly, born est c.1740,
of Lisbaby Lower, Co.Kerry (his brother Conn had Lisbaby Upper),

mar Hannah O'Donoghue.
Hannah was dau of Donal McShane O'Donoghue, or Donoghue, of a farm called "Inch" at Rusheen More, Killaha par, near Glenflesk, SE of Killarney (see map).
Hannah's 1st cousin was a Donoghue woman who married Warren, and was paternal grandmother of Michael Warren of Killarney.
Despite only being related to some of the Rahillys (those below), and not himself descending from any Rahillys, Michael Warren got interested in researching the Rahilly family for The O'Rahilly. He corresponded with The O'Rahilly in 1902-08 about family history, and his letters in [P102/207] are probably the single most important source for the Rahilly family history.

Daniel and Hannah had issue:

  1. John Rahilly, of Knockearagh.

  2. Michael Rahilly, of Annaghilymore.

  3. Conn Rahilly,
    of Carrigeen, Brosna par, NE Co.Kerry,
    mar Norah Devine [of Knockanemeris],
    children adopted surname "Reilly",
    had issue:

    1. John Reilly, of Knocknagree,
      mar Elizabeth Hassett [Bessy],
      she was sister (not dau) of William Hassett of Rathmore, Kilcummin parish, see [P102/207(7)],
      had issue:
      1. (2 daus) Reilly.

    2. Daniel Reilly, Dan,
      priest, Trappist Order (Cistercians), Mount Mellary, Co.Waterford.

  4. Donal Rahilly,
    of Barraduff, E of Killarney (see map),
    called "the Baron of Barraduff", "the implication being that he tenanted all or most of it" [Fitzelle, 1986], Barraduff is 408 acres,
    mar Julia Murphy [dau of Dermod Murphy of Annagh],
    no issue.

  5. Thomas Rahilly, Tom, of Coolcaslagh.

  6. Ellen Rahilly, mar --- Brooks [of Killarney].
  7. Mary Rahilly, mar Michael O'Doherty [of Bunnacummer].

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